Maximize The Use Of The Skincare Products You Regret Buying


Before buying serum, moisturizer, face wash or toner, usually, we research the product we wanted first. Consider the price, the availability, the ingredient list, sometimes we saw a cute packaging and that is all we need to justify our purchase. Have you ever purchased a skincare product and it turns out that product cause acne on your face? It will be even worse if the skin care products you purchase are very expensive. I am sure we all experience that. Not all skincare products we bought will suitable for our skin, even though you have read a review about it or you saw your friend use it and it works on them but not for you. Do not throw it away immediately, here are some things you can do to the skincare products you regret buying. Here are some things you can do about it:

For serum, moisturizer, toner, and essence is it only irritate your face or both your face and neck? If it is just the face, you can continue using it on your neck only. A lot of products I regret buying is strangely only irritated my face and it works just fine on my neck. Additionally, you can also use it as a hand lotion and apply some to the rough part such as elbow and knee. If you have dry feet like me, it is also very useful to give extra moisture to your feet. If it is super dry, you can layer it with your regular body lotion.

For sunscreen, it is easy, SPF that does not suitable for your face can always be applied to your other part of your body like hands, feet, shoulder with no problem.

For face oil, you can use it for your hair instead of your face. Some face oil is beneficial for hair too, such as argan oil, chia seed oil, and rosehip oil. Other things I do with unused face oil is, after a shower, mix the face oil with toner and apply it to both of your shoulders. It makes your shoulder glow and of course hydrated. Use it when you are having a special occasion in which you wear an off-shoulder dress, it will make your skin glow naturally.

For exfoliating products such as AHA or BHA, you can use it on your back, elbow or knee. Usually elbow and knee skin color is darker than the rest of the skin around it. Acid treatment products can help to get rid of the dead skin on the elbow and knee. I sometimes use Paula’s Choice 2% BHA for my knee and elbow, after I use it on my face. Btw, I love Paula’s Choice 2% BHA, this is just to give you an example. But do not go overboard, it might be too drying if you use it too much.

You could also use an exfoliating product on you back if you have acne on your back (backne), just like on the face, it can help to lighten the PIH of your back acne too. To do this, you might need someone else to help to apply the product evenly on your back. Same goes with the chest acne too (except you can do it by yourself).

For cleansing oil, I will use it to clean my make up brushes instead of my face. It can deep cleanse the brush very well.

For eye cream, eye cream is usually having a rich texture and nourishing. Use it on the back of your hand before sleep at night. Why at night? Just before you are about to go to bed, so you will not wash your hand again and that eye cream can absorb to the back of your hand until the next morning. Since eye cream is filled with nourishment, it will moisturize and soften your hand, also a well-added anti-aging for your hand too.

For face scrubs, wash off mask, clay mask, you can just apply it to your feet. You can scrub harder than you would on your face, your feet will feel smoother afterward. You can try to apply a clay mask on your back acne, but it is difficult to properly clean it by yourself.


Other than that, you could give it to someone who you think might like it or someone that has the more suitable skin condition that will match the product. I know, you might feel “why should I give this expensive skincare product freely to someone else? I should just leave it on the shelf until its expired”. I think it is better to give it to someone else if you cannot find another use of the products as I mention above, rather than let the product goes to waste by just sitting there on the shelf until it expired. Besides piling up unused skincare products on your vanity could take up too much space. It is of course up to you what you want to do with the skincare products you regret buying, tell me what will you do with the skincare products you regret buying?


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