Favourite Food in Sydney

Last time I visit Sydney was a trip down the memory lane to my old University. Tons of things, I missed about Sydney as a tourist and former student. I miss the places, the people, the vibe and of course the food. There are some food and drink that I will always look for whenever I come to Sydney again.


My Favourite coffee shop in Sydney

Sydney has really good coffee everywhere. Almost every cafe serve a great quality of coffee. I love coffee, and I drank a lot during my time as a student there. Sometimes I drank coffee twice a day. Back in the day in Jakarta, there is no flat white or chai latte. I was so surprised there are various kind of coffee besides, cappuccino, mocha, and latte. Please do not laugh at me, hahaha.

I do not usually purchase coffee from a well-known coffee shop like Starbucks or Gloria jean’s coffee. I love small coffee places I never heard before because I know almost 90% sure I will get a great coffee. Even coffee shops at my University are awesome. My favorite coffee place is the cafe brioso of UNSW, you can find it on the Kensington campus near the library lawn. It is a small coffee cart but almost always has a long queue, especially during lunchtime. And yes I try to drink coffee every day when I was in Sydney last year. I do not want to miss my chance to indulge in the Sydney coffee experience.

Blueberry bagel

Blueberry Bagel
Blueberry Bagel

Oh, I miss it so much, one of my favorite food in Sydney. Something I cannot get in Jakarta ever. If you know a place that sells a good blueberry bagel in Jakarta, please comment below because I desperately want it. I like a blueberry bagel that has caramelized sugar on top and added with thick cream cheese. Of course, it needs to be toasted first to get its crunchiness. I do not know why, but when I am in Sydney last year, I did not see a blueberry bagel that often as it used to be. In fact, I only encounter it once on the very last day of my holiday. I found it at a food court in QVB. I went to Woolworth and there is no blueberry bagel. *sobs*. So sad, are blueberry bagel is not popular anymore? I hope it will not be discontinued I would like to eat it again when I come to Sydney.


Banana bread

There is banana bread sold in Jakarta; however the banana bread I ever tried taste bad, it was dry, too sweet and I just hate it. My first encounter with banana bread was glorious, tried a slice of it at my University café and it was so goooood. And it turns out so is other banana bread in Sydney. The banana bread in Sydney is dense, moist and taste amazing. It is even better when I put Nutella on it. I even buy a loaf of it in Woolworth or coles and still taste great. Unlike the blueberry bagel, I found a decent banana bread in Jakarta.


The T2 tea

T2 packs a peach, frutalicious tea, and cream Brulee tea
T2 packs a peach, frutalicious tea, and cream Brulee tea
T2 packs a peach, frutalicious tea, and cream Brulee tea
T2 packs a peach, frutalicious tea, and cream Brulee tea

You can purchase it on their website: https://www.t2tea.com/en/au/tea/fruit-tisane/fruitalicious-loose-leaf-gift-cube-T130AE018.html

The price is AUD$16 TO AUD$38 (depends on the size)

Where to find T2: it is pretty easy to find T2 store, since they are so popular. You can find it in Queen Victoria Building, Bondi Junction, World Square, And King St.

T2 IS the best tea shop I ever see. I do not know that tea can be made is so many different variations. I am crazy about T2 products. Tea I love in T2 is packs a peach, frutalicious tea, and cream Brulee tea. I like fruity tea, and fruitalicious flavor sums it up beautifully. It is such an enjoyable fruity tea with mix flavors of berries in it, comforting in rainy day and refreshing when it serves cold. I know, I sounded like a commercial, but it is just the way it is. T2 Packs of Peach is also lovely, with a strong peach flavor with a slight sweetness. Perfect for drinking after exercising or on a hot day, just brew it in a jug then add some ice and leave it in a refrigerator and take a sip on a hot day. For packs of peach, you don’t really need to add sugar, but it is up to your preference of course.

You can purchase it on their website: https://www.t2tea.com/en/au/tea/creme-brulee-teabag-everyday-tin-B125AI010.html

The price is AUD$16 TO AUD$38 (depends on the size)

T2 Crème Brulee tea is for days when I feel like drinking something sweet. It smells amazing and sweet. It just feels like as if you drinking a liquid form of a crème Brulee dessert. I like vanilla tea, but crème Brulee tea is even better. The scent is just relaxing.  Just add a hint of sugar in it, if you put too much sugar, the sweetness will be too overpowering. It tastes good even without sugar. It is a perfect tea to enjoy your time while reading books on a cozy couch. The image I always have whenever I think about the crème Brulee tea.


Neo Australia Blue Tea

bewitching blue tea infusion
This image was taken from Neo Australia IG page

They have a website https://www.neoaustralia.com.au/

The price is AUD 35 for a big jar of 100 gr.

When I was in Canberra I also purchase a blue tea in Floriade festival. It was the first time I ever saw a blue tea, so unique. It is from the brand name Neo Naturally Australia. It is a smaller brand compare to T2 tea, but the quality of the tea is great too. The tea name that I like is the bewitching blue tea infusion, butterfly pea tea. I prefer it served hot without any sugar, just plain tea. They have a bunch of other tea variations too.

The fun part about this tea is, if you mix it with fresh lemon juice, the tea color is going to change to purple. Do not worry, the blue color comes naturally from the Butterfly Pea, not from food coloring. Apparently, there is a lot of benefit from consuming Butterfly Pea tea which you can read in https://www.majesticherbs.com/clitoria-ternatea-blue-butterfly-pea-flowers-benefits/

I do not know where to find this brand in Sydney, except for the pop store in Canberra during the Floriade Festival.



 I went to hunter valley for a wine tour, and I recommend it to everyone who visits Sydney for the first time. Go for 1-day wine tour, where you can go to some winery and do a wine tasting. Be careful not to go overboard with the wine tasting. The view is stunning, and the wine is awesome. That is when I taste Moscato, a dessert wine. It tastes sweet, refreshing and so smooth. I would drink the whole bottle if I could, LOL. You can find Moscato in a liquor store and it is affordable for around AUD 20.

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