Holiday in Bali with Kids: ATV Ride

Have you ridden an ATV through the side of a paddy field, a small riverside, a waterfall, and a cave? I and my son have, in Bali. After having a great time in water sports fun and creative activity in making perfume together, I am looking for some adventures in nature and decided to do an ATV ride through nature. There are several ATV riding activities in Bali with different fields like riverside or the beach, you can choose whichever you like. I pick the one in Ubud through online booking.

The route:

Country road-rice field-dragon cave-waterfall-buddha relief-riverside-jungle-mud track  


1,5 hours


ATV single user for Rp 300.000

ATV two users for Rp 400.000

Extra pictures taken by the provider will be charged Rp 250.000 if you decide to get them.

Things you need to bring on your own:

–          Spare clothes include top and bottom (you will get wet going through the waterfall)

–          Small towel

–          Sunscreen

–          Shower cap (they provide it, but the fit is off)

What you need to be mentally ready for:

–          The crowd

–          The smelly and wet helmet that you will borrow from the provider

–          Sudden rain

–          The wet boots that will be provided

–          The small and instead packed changing room

Important thing: Book online first the payment on the spot

I arrived at the place at around 12 pm, and it is already full of people. The first thing I did was pay for the ATV ride at the cashier. But before you pay, ask them first how long you have to wait if you make a payment at that time. the reason is, when I was paying, the staff told me, it will take around 1,5 to hours to wait for my turn. If you are not willing to wait, then cancel it right away. Since I am already there, and my son is very eager to ride, I just pay it anyway. I got number 31. While waiting I went to a restaurant nearby to have lunch and wait there until it was close to my turn.

              They’re actually a pretty nice restaurant nearby, called Bebek Uma Sari Resto. I ordered Umasari Crispy Duck and spaghetti carbonara for my son. Both are delicious, the crispy duck portion is pretty big with half duck served with rice, sambal, and veggies. The spaghetti carbonara is very creamy. The ambiance of the restaurant is nice, with supposedly a paddy field view but when I was there the paddy field has been just harvested so what is left is a piece of land. The restaurant is spacious too. It is the perfect place to wait rather than wait at the ATV place because it was so crowded.

              Finally, the ATV place confirm my turn at 13.45. I went back to the ATV place. When my number was called, the staff told us to wear a helmet and a pair of boots. The thing is, it was drizzling that day and many people were there. So, the helmet they give you was either wet or damp and terribly smell bad because it has been used many times interchangeably with many people. At least the staff give me a shower cap as a divider between my head and helmet. But I can still smell it. The boots were also wet, the staff give me 2 plastic bags to tie my foot into the plastic before putting my feet in the boots. Ugh, it feels kind of nasty. This is kind of unpredictable for me because I never thought about the helmet and boots when I choose this activity. I am not a hygiene freak, in we are still in a pandemic and this kind of supporting unhygienic equipment can be improved.

              That is the first time I ride an ATV ever in my life. It was a fun, thrilling, and adventurous activity. My son was sitting behind me on that ATV. We first ride it on a regular road to find a way to enter the rice field. The thing about ATV is the gas is on the right side, unlike a motorcycle, I need to gas by pressing a button continuously. The brake is just like the brake on a bike where you squeeze with both of your hands. Thus, you have to prepare your right thumb to keep pressing for 1 hour.

              The beginning is easy, but as I go to the paddy field and into the forest with all mud and river, things get harder. The road gets narrower, bumpy, and muddy. The good thing is the ATV has 4 wheels so it is stable, however, when you go around a waterfall where there are big rocks, you must be aware. I got stuck near the waterfall while smoke came out of ATV and I can feel the heat from the machine on my legs. That was a panicking situation. Luckily, there are guides that will help you during the Activity. Along the way, there is also 1 person in charge to take pictures of everyone in the group. Honestly, I am glad I leave my phone in the car, I don’t have to worry get it wet or falling into the mud.

              After 1 hour of riding the ATV, my right thumb and my shoulder begin to feel sore, as we almost wrap up the ATV journey. I was soaking wet, plus it was still drizzling. In the end, we come back to the regular road on our way back to the finish, there was sharp descent and sharp incline. The sharp incline makes me worried that I would roll back if I am not fast enough. Then I press the gas eagerly when climbing that steep incline even though my hands feel like giving up. Make sure you have good stamina when choosing ATV riding because it is challenging. My son had a blast as a passenger.      

              I think Rp. 400.000 is a fair price for 1,5 hours ATV ride. Additionally, the equipment section should pay more attention to hygiene as we are still living in a pandemic era. I decide to take the picture package as a memory since I will not do this anymore. LOL. Because it is a bit scary and very tiring for my hand. As long as my son enjoys it, I am happy too. In total, I spend Rp 650.000 (Rp 400.000 + photo Rp 250.000). Overall, I think it is worth trying. A great experience for those who like challenges.

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