Sun Protection I Used During Holiday at Beach

Can you tell, how serious I am about sun protection? Actually, there is more protection I have used at the beach such as a hat, long sleeve swimwear, and sunglasses. I enjoy going to the beach, walking, hearing the wave, enjoying the breeze and just watching the sunset. I usually prefer going to the beach at 4 pm, when the sunlight is less strong. But there are occasionally going to the beach in the middle of the hot sunny day, of course with a good amount of sunscreen applied all over my skin.

For face and body protection

I always bring my favorite sunblock, the etude house mild airy finish sunblock for the face. I usually reapply with another sunblock like Azarine Hydrasoothe Sunscreen Gel SPF45 PA++++. Since the etude house mild airy finish has a pretty noticeable white cast if I try to reapply it, I use another transparent sunscreen to reapply. Now, this works on my skin. I don’t know whether it can work the same on other people’s skin. However, when I go to a place that is hot, and humid and I know I will sweat or get wet a lot, I would not reapply my sunscreen with Azarine Hydrasoothe Sunscreen Gel. Instead, I would top it off with Annesa perfect uv sunscreen skincare milk SPF50 PA++++.

Even though I am not really liking Annesa perfect milk, moreover I haven’t had a chance to test it while I am at the beach. Now, I think Annessa is the best sunscreen to use at the beach. It is water resistant and has strong protection from harmful sunlight during the hottest hour of the day. It is also sweat resistance. It is also suitable for my son’s skin, it does not cause irritation to his sensitive skin. Although it can feel dry when you applied too much since it will turn powdery on the skin once you applied it. It has a very minimal white cast. When I was playing banana boat and other water sports, I reapply it every 1-2 hours.

I also bring along a tinted lip balm with SPF 50 from Sebamed, it gives a sheer red color on the lips and contains pretty good SPF. But when I apply over and over again, it dried and was kind of patchy.

I use the Biore UV refresh bright SPF50 PA+++. I am not sure whether it is water-resistant or not. Since I wear long sleeves and a long pants swimming suit, it is not really a concern. But I put it on anyway. Another body sunblock I would recommend for the body is the Banana Boat Ultra Protect SPF50, it is non-sticky, easily absorbed into the skin, and has a little bit of a cooling sensation.

The mistake

Now, let’s talk about the mistake I made by bringing an entirely brand-new sunscreen. Sunplay Cool Ultra Protection Sunscreen Lotion and Sunplay Ultra Protection Sunscreen Lotion. I purchase both sunscreens for my son because it is advertised as a sunscreen that is suitable for kids and baby skin. and just like Anessa perfect milk, it is also water and sweat resistance. It also has high UV defense, Sunplay Cool Ultra Protection Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 101 PA ++++, and Sunplay Ultra Protection Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 50 PA ++++. When I purchase it, I just put it in my luggage and try it for the first time a day before going to the beach.

I try Sunplay Cool Ultra Protection Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 101 PA ++++ first on my face, before I apply it to my son’s skin. Because my son hates greasy sunscreen (aren’t we all?), he would refuse to use it if it is greasy. The first time I put it on my face, I feel my face sticky, and my skin suffocating. I have oily skin, and the sunblock makes my skin feels hot and sweaty. It feels like a thick layer on my face. The white cast is pretty obvious. I use it for about 15 minutes and I can’t take it anymore, feels too heavy. I immediately remove it with cleansing oil. Perhaps the higher the UV protection the stronger the white cast. Even using it on my body also feels thick to me.

I try Sunplay Ultra Protection Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 50 PA ++++ too, and the same thing happens. It was too thick and sticky, there is no way my son will approve. I end up not using it again after that. The lesson of the day never brings skincare products you never try before on your vacation, it might ruin your plan.

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