I recently travel to Korea with my family and my 2 years old baby. It was exciting and challenging at the same time. It’s been a while since I travel abroad and I have no idea how to travel with a baby. So, I had read about all things necessary for travelling with an infant and it’s somewhat overwhelming. So here are what I think essential things you need to travel abroad with a baby:

  1. Check out the weather

What season are you going for? Is it summer, spring, fall, or winter? After you figure out what weather you will enjoy in your holiday, you also need to check the average temperature of the exact that you are going. In my case, it was fall in South Korea, and during my holiday the temperature was about 20 to 17 degrees.

  1. Bring clothing accordingly

Baby is more fragile than adults, so it is ok to be safe than sorry. I know Seoul weather is a perfectly fine for holiday, it’s not too warm and not too cold either. I only need to bring a light jacket. However, for my son I brought 3 jacket, and 2 pairs of thermal underwear (long john) just in case.

at mount Seoraksan
  1. Milk and diaper

I brought about 20 diaper and 1 can of milk of 800 grams. I know it’s a little bit much, but if your tour for 7 days and your baby drinks 8 bottles a day, and it will be enough. Besides, by the end of your travelling you can get rid of unused diaper and the milk will be reduced a lot.

  1. Footwear

2 pairs of comfy shoes and 1 pair of sandals is all u need for 1 week vacation. It is important to choose a comfy and easy shoe like strap shoes that easily put on and put off. I was once brought shoes with lace to travel to Singapore, and I had to tie the shoes over and over again because my baby was actively running around. It drives me crazy.

Shoes or Sandals ?

  1. Baby bottle soap

Just bring about 200 ml of baby bottle soap. I personally brought 6 milk bottle worth one day of travelling.

  1. Snack and toy

When we are travelling with group tour, sometimes we would stay in bus for hours. And most baby cannot bear such a long hour in vehicles. So, to keep him happy, I provide him with snacks and toys to distract him. The toys I Brought were cars, pen and paper, drawing books, and puzzle.

  1. Medicine

I previously mention to consider the weather to choose outfit, it also applies to choose what medicine you need to bring on holiday. The fall season was windy, slightly cold and Seoul weather was dry (Indonesia is humid). Hence, I Brought a cold medicine for flu and cough, also tempra for possible fever, a stomach medicine, a thermometer (if there is any fever). By the 4th day of travelling my son was starting to coughing, and it is a good thing that I have prepared necessary medicine.

  1. Stroller

I didn’t bring a stroller, because it was not practical to bring it in a travel group. It will be too bulky, too heavy and too much work to maintain. I already bring large suitcases that I and my husband must carry around every time we change hotels during the tour. We were staying in 4 different hotels in 7 days.  Besides, I think it’s better for my baby to just walk and enjoy the surrounding and be active. But, that’s just me, every mom has different needs.

it could be overwhelming to travel with baby, with all the work and effort a mother must do to make a fun holiday. You might feel stressed out when your baby is crying  and cranky during the tour, or that exhausted feeling after a whole day travelling you wanted just to lay down and sleep, but you still have responsibility to bath and fed your baby and tidy up suitcases. But always remember moms we are going on holidays to have fun not to be miserable. Honestly, it’s though to travel with baby abroad, but it is all worth it. would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY !

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