SK II Facial Treatment Essence Mask

I am a fan of SKII Facial Treatment Essence, I have been using it for 2 years before I tried Sulwhasoo First Care Serum. So when I tried the FTE mask, I instantly fall in love with this mask. SK II facial treatment essence sheet mask is the best sheet mask I ever tried. It is a thick cotton-based sheet mask infused with serums or essences that contain pitera. The cotton material itself is a bit stiff. The liquid is a bit slimy and smells exactly like the FTE. If you don’t like the FTE smells, then you will not like this. It smells like fermented yeast, well it wasn’t a pleasant smell. Some people say it smells like dirty laundry. lol. But I ignore it for the sake of the mask benefit

The SK II FTE sheet mask

When I applied it, this mask is drenched in serum, and I used the excess serum for my neck, chest and sometimes my hands. The mask is a bit smaller than my face. This mask will moisturize, calm and soothe my skin. When I have bad skin days (usually during my period), or I have broken out from trying new products, this mask will help reduce redness and angry pimples. I would wear it for 30-35 minutes, even after 30 minutes the mask still soaking wet. But do not let it dried on your face, cause it can soak up the moisture on your skin.

it didn’t really cover my whole face, my forehead picking through.

The downside of this mask is the price, one mask is for $17, and a box of 6 masks will be $95. If you buy 1 box it will be cheaper (well, not that cheap). Despite the high price tag, I would say it is worth every penny. Another thing is the fit of this mask is not the best since the material is thick and stiff. it will not adhere to my skin properly


I only use this mask for special occasions, such as one day before an event or when my skin has a horrible break out. You know, those days when you suddenly wake up with 3 red and painful pimples. When another mask failed to calm my zits, this mask is like my final hope. On that seriously bad break out I will use this mask for 3 days straight. I will continue to repurchase this mask


After using this mask, I would wait until the excess liquid dries down. It will create a thin layer of serum, then I will top it with moisturizer. I would pat the moisturizer, not rubbing it on my skin because sometimes the extra layer of FTE mask will balls up. I wouldn’t want to waste it. The next day after I use FTE mask, my skin will be brighter, radiant and well moisturized

For me, the sheet mask that has a similar effect with this mask is the OST Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask in terms of calming, reduce redness and moisturizing. it is more affordable than the SK II. The SK II FTE mask is just felt more luxurious, it has thicker cotton and also gives extra brightening effect on my skin. I usually use this OST sheet mask first when I have angry pimples, and if it’s not enough, I’ll use SK II FTE mask to the rescue.

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