The Must-Have Sheet Masks

Favorite Must Have Sheet Masks

I love sheet mask; I use sheet mask at least 3 times a week. I tried many sheet masks, some were ok, some were horrible, and some are awesome.

What I look for in sheet mask:


  1. The function

I always opt for moisturizing, clarifying, brightening, and calming sheet mask. The purpose of using sheet masks to me is to enhance the function of all the skincare I applied before (essence, toner and serum). It is vary each day depending how my skin condition that day. I mostly used up sheet masks with moisturize or clarifying function, since my skin often feel dehydrated or irritated.


  1. The price

Of course, this is also important factor, I usually look for sheet mask price between Rp 30.000 to Rp 100.000. mostly of my sheet mask collections cost Rp 30.000. This price range has a pretty large product option, and easy to find. I do have a few expensive sheet masks like the SK II Facial Treatment Mask, which I only use on special occasion.


  1. The fit and material

I am using sheet masks for about 20-25 minutes, so I am preferred sheet mask with slightly thick and comfortable material. I don’t like thin sheet mask, because it is easily torn when I try to put it on.


  1. The Ingredient list

I favor ingredient that match me such as; centela asiatica tea tree, pearl, camelia, propolis and cucumber. Better safe than sorry, right?

Here are my favorite masks:

Tosowoong , Pure Propolis Mask


Propolis and I have love and hate relationship, I don’t know whether propolis is actually suitable for my skin. I have tried propolis essence and other propolis sheet mask, but it broke me out. But when I tried this mask, it matches me perfectly. It smells nice like honey. It did not irritate my skin at all. I love using this when my face feel dehydrated, it added layer of moisture on my skin. It has slightly sticky consistency, it is comfortable to use.


My Beauty Diary, Black Pearl Total Effects Black Mask And Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask

This sheet masks are my holy grail. It has 3 variety of mask with pink, black and gray packaging. All of it are equally awesome. To me this sheet mask is perfectly match everything I put on in combination with other serums. It fit perfectly and comfortably on my face. It does not have annoying smell. Whether my skin is dry, broke out, irritated or dull, these sheet masks will save the day. I stock up so much of this sheet masks in my drawer. Sadly, lately it is very difficult to find this sheet masks, I am afraid that they will discontinue it. That is why I went crazy the last time I bought like 8 boxes of it. Each box has 5 sheet masks. I really really hope they never discontinue these sheet masks.


I tried other variety of sheet mask from this brand and I mostly love it, but My beauty diary, black pearl total effects black mask and black obsidian moisturizing black mask are just outstanding for me.



SK II Facial Treatment Mask


I did a review on this special sheet mask, please check it out  SK II Facial Treatment Essence Mask or in Bahasa version  SKII Facial Treatment Essence Review (in Bahasa).


Naruko, Tea Tree Shine Control And Blemish Clear Mask


Me and acne is like never ending battle. I mean, my skin is a lot better than it was before. However, I still have regular breakout on my chin, funny enough it is always on the same spots. The right sheet mask in this situation is Naruko tea tree sheet masks. I always wear this mask in combination with my Kypris clearing serum to banish my chin zit. It is a black mask with a good fit on the face. The tea tree smell is a bit strong, but it is ok for me. It help clarifying and calming my irritated skin, and it did not dry out my skin. After using this mask, I top it off with Clinique moisture surge or Naruko tea tree sleeping mask.


By Wishtrend, Natural Vitamin 21,5% Enhancing Sheet Mask


When I am lacking of sleep or my skin looks dull, I use this sheet mask. It contains vitamin C and vitamin E that helps brighten my skin. Before I put this on, I use my Mario Badescu vitamin C serum too boost the brightening effect. As stated on the packaging, this sheet mask also good for calming skin. The next day my skin looks brighter and well rested. The mask is little bit smaller compared to my other favorite mask and it has slightly citrus smell.


Out of all of these sheet mask, my ultimate fav is the Beauty Diary sheet masks, but it is very hard to find. Yet I still always look for it, I cannot be without it. LOL. It is everything I want, it is affordable, fit perfectly, get along with any of my skincare and moisturizing very well. I tried a lot of sheet masks but very few sheet mask matches my skin, that why I kept repurchase my favorites.

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