Few people think that when you are a mother, there are no such things like “me time”. It is a consequence of being a parent to give all your time to everyone else but you. We all know that motherhood is tough and there is nothing wrong with wanted a little bit of time to be by yourself. A mom needs a break to stay sane. Here are some ideas that you can do to fill in your “me time”

Binge watching TV series

Who else guilty of this? Nah, don’t feel guilty of this. There is a pleasure in watching TV series from episode one to the last episode of the season. I love watching western TV series, Korean Drama and some reality show. My selection for western TV series is; CSI, Dexter, Gossip Girl, Desperate housewife, The big bang theory, Game of Thrones and The modern family. For Korean drama I recommend; Goblin, my love from the star, descendant of the sun, kill me heal me, it’s ok that’s love, coffee prince, full house and secret garden. I usually choose a Korean drama that I know already have a happy ending, then I will start watching it. I hate sad ending drama because you know, I watched TV series to be entertained not to cry.


Going to spa

What better way to relax than going to a spa. After all moms’ duty is done, going to a spa is like rewarding yourself. Pampering yourself with a good massage, in a tranquil place while you listen to soothing music. And might as well do facial and hair treatment when you are at it. Recommended places to get a good massage in Jakarta are; bersih sehat and fivestar family reflexology.



We all love shopping, whether it is window shopping or actually shop. When shop with kids, usually we cannot concentrate on the things we want to buy. When you have a chance to shop alone, use it well and browse the entire store you want, try the clothes you always wanted and just enjoy your retail therapy.

tenor (2)


Taking care of the whole family every day from cleaning, cooking, doing laundry to picking up kids from school already feel like exercising. But, does a real exercise will make your body fresh and energize. If you prefer a peaceful and less-sweaty sport, go for yoga or Pilates class. If you into an energetic, dynamic, drenched-in-sweat type of exercise, zumba, muay thai, body combat or pound fit class will be perfect for you.

Do Your Hobbies

Whether it is photography, reading, gardening, or cooking, doing hobbies will bring you joy. Use this opportunity to try out new recipes, plant new flower or finding a new place to take pictures without interruption. When is the last time you read books? Find that perfect comfy spot at home to read your favorite book while sipping a cup of warm tea.

If you want to take it to the next level, use the time to attend a class that is related to your hobby, such as a photography class. Who knows, it might be a chance to earn extra income in the future.

Sign Up For Arts And Craft Class

I am not an artsy person, but there is something about doing crafty stuff that is so amusing. Fun classes like painting, making sling handbag or create cold press soap are worth visiting. We can meet up with new people, gain a piece of new knowledge and making something that we don’t usually make on daily basis. Recently I am interested in latte art class, just because I love coffee. It’s not that complicated, just pick something that makes you happy.


 Hang out with friends

Call up a few friends and planning a night out would be a great way to have fun. Meeting the people you have not see for a while and catching up with each other life story. Additionally, you can watch the latest movie with your BFF or just chill at a coffee shop.

Scrolling Social Media

Sometimes mom’s “me time” is so limited, that probably only have 30 minutes squeeze in into her busy schedule. Just take a moment to pause, and simply scrolling social media to see what the newest viral thing on the internet is. Most of us do enjoy this little guilty pleasure right?


The rare thing that an adult can do, especially for new moms. Lack of sleep is the most frustrating part of being new parents. A simple thing like sleep become so valuable. Go on and have a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep for a few hours to recharge your body.


Do nothing

Cannot plan a night out? too busy to go to Spa or does not have enough time to exercise? That is ok moms, it is ok to just do nothing and have nothing particularly planned for “me time”. The point of having “me time”, is to take a break on your busy life. So, don’t feel down if you don’t have any plans for “me time”, enjoy yourself and simply be happy.





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