Sydney 8 Days Itinerarry -Part 1-

I travel to Sydney with my parents and son. My parents leave Sydney earlier, meanwhile me and my son stayed for few more days. For me, this holiday is a reminiscing- trip down the memory lane kind of thing. I have not visit Sydney for 7 years. This time around I have my son by my side. I show him all the things I wanted to do in this trip. Even if he does not really understand, that’s ok. What important is the memory we share will always be in our mind. Well at least in my mind, let’s hope he will remember it too when he grow up.

I want to share my travelling itinerary. Who knows it would help you plan your own itinerary when you visit Sydney. Keep in mind that my trip is leaning toward baby friendly type of travel.


Blue Mountain

This is a very famous tourist attraction in Sydney. It is 1 day tours to Blue Mountain, to get there you need to drive 3-4 hours from the city or take trains for 2.5 – 3 hour. There are tours that you can get from the city to Blue Mountain. It is usually, a day tour with a van or a bus. A tour usually will take you to Blue Mountain and Feather Dale zoo. I went there by car, and I only went to the Blue Mountain.

The advantage of using car to get there is that you go whenever you want and you can have a picnic on the way there, like I did with my family. There are some nice parks along the way that provide table and park bench or you can bring your own mat and sit on the grass.

Picnic Lunch on the park.
My son enjoy playing at the park

The attraction: Scenic skyway, scenic cableway, scenic railway and scenic walkway.

Tickets: the price is changing depends on when you’re going, so you need to check the website.That time, I was paying $43 for adult and $23 for a child above 3 years old (1 to 3 years old are free). That price is including all scenic world attraction.

This place is so windy and beautiful
The Scenic Railway is my favourite, with 52 degrees incline riding makes it so exciting .
The Scenic Walk around Rainforest


The Scenic Cableway

It was about nature view and the three sisters (this is the name of the famous hill/valley). If you enjoy walking, they provide 3 route options where you can walk around rain forest for 10 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour. At weekend this place is pretty packed with people, and the line to ride the skyway, cableway and railway are long. It can take up to 30 minutes of waiting in line. My son enjoy all the skyway, but cannot walk too far in the rain forest, so is my parents. The place also have nice café and souvenir shop.

Side note: if you like wine, take wine day tour to Hunter Valley instead. It is basically visiting few wineries and trying out some of their wine product.



Actually if you are a city people, who love city vibe, you will find Canberra is kind of quite. The city is too peaceful for my liking. That is the reason why, I only visit Canberra during spring time when there is floriade festival. Floriade festival is a large scale flower festival, which also include entertainment and music festival. You will find colourful flowerbed all over the place. There are also a lot of food stall, such as; ice cream, pop corn, rockyroad, chocolate, donuts, waffle and of course coffee. There is no entrance fee to this Floriade Festival.

If you bring kids, there are also few child friendly playgrounds like tall inflated slide, Ferris wheel and mini train. You will enjoy all the beautiful flowers around, taking lots of pretty pictures. The festival usually held only for 1 month, from September to October. The weather is also nice; when I visit there it was around 17 degree.  Canberra is 3 to 4 hours from Sydney; the best way to get there is by car or a tour bus. I actually stay for one night in Canberra.

I love all of these vibrant colours
Me and my son

Near the festival venue there are few cherry blossom trees by the river side, where you can walk around enjoying your time.

While I was there, I also visit Royal Australian Mint. It is a place that produces Australia coinage. To me it look like a coin museum, where they have different types of coin. There is a machine where you put Australian $2 coin into a machine to produce a new Australian $1.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another place is Telstra Tower, but I cannot really recommend this place because there is not much things to do there, and the building is a bit old.  Telstra Tower is where you can see Canberra from high point of view.


the view from the inside
The Telstra Tower





Circular Quay and Opera House

If you never been to Sydney and you wanted to take pictures in front of the most famous landmark of Sydney, you must come to Opera House.

Mom and Dad
the Harbour Bridge is behind me


How to get there:

Take a train and get off on Circular quay. The train station is very close to the opera house, within 5 minutes walk you will be there.

Take a ferry if you are from Watson bay, or Manly beach.

The Circular Quay Ferry Wharf

Take a bus that stop right in front of Circular Quay train station, which bus to take is depends on where you depart.

Things to do:

♥ Take a tour to see what is inside Opera House; it will cost you around $40 per person. I don’t to this tour, I already see what is in there.

♥ Enjoying walking along the way from Circular Quay to opera house, wine and dine, hang out at cafe and of course take lots of pictures with Opera House or Harbour Bridge background.

♥Attend events, Opera House have a lot of different event every month. You should check  out the website to see which one you are interested in.

Best time to visit opera house:

My personal preference is when there is vivid Sydney Festival. It will start on May 2019. Vivid Sydney is a festival that happens at night time, where there will be colourful light that distort and change in continuous motion. You will see opera house in a different colour, theme and perspective. See this if you wondering what I am talking about, .

I will continue the rest of my Sydney itinerarry from day 4 to day 8 on part 2.






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