Biore UV spray VS Kose Suncut essence in UV protect spray



This year I adopt new skincare habit, I finally start to reapply my sunscreen during the day. I know, I know, I have been hearing these tips for a long time but never actually did it, even if I go to the beach. After my trip to Japan, I saw that a few sunspots appear on my skin. I do apply sunscreen every day, including on weekends when I just stayed at home.

On my regular days I almost always indoor, in the office. I don’t go outdoor that much or walk around outside a lot. So I thought to apply sunscreen once a day is enough. But when I am in Japan, I am mostly outside. I walk around everywhere and under the sun a lot. It was in cold weather, so I am not aware of being under the sun a lot.

When I came back from holiday, I notice some sun spot on my left cheek. Soon after that, I start to experiment on which sunblock is suitable to reapply during the day. I tried reapplying Biore watery essence on top of my favorite biore perfect milk and it worked. But then, Biore watery essence got reformulated and it did not work anymore as I wrote on my previous post.

So I tried sunblock spray and I love it a lot. It is so practical and easy to use. I have tried both sunblock spray and actually finished both sprays. I am on my second bottle of Biore UV spray and the third bottle on Kose Suncut essence in UV protect spray.


The advantage: easy to carry everywhere, practical to use and no fuss

The downside: uneven application and it can be too oily if applied too much.

When to reapply: 3 or 4 hours after the first sunscreen application. if you spend a day on the beach, you probably should reapply every 2 hours. I only reapply once.

The benefit of reapplying sunscreen: For me reapplying sunscreen during the day has helped my PIH fade quicker (among another factor such as vitamin c serum).

Biore UV spray Kose Suncut essence in UV protect spray
Application The handle a bit stiff but still manageable The handle is smooth and easy
The Smell Have a stronger smell and the mist is fine Subtle smell and the mist is finer
The formula It is Light, doesn’t clog pores, transparent, and did not irritate my skin, SPF 50+ PA++++ It is Light, doesn’t clog pores, transparent and did not irritate my skin, SPF 50+ PA++++
The price Rp 170.000 (depend on which online shop you choose) Rp 160.000 (depend on which online shop you choose)
The availability can be found in online shops like tokopedia or shopee Recently enter Indonesia market and will be an available online and offline shop like Watson, century, guardian, etc.

I like both sunblock spray, but I like Kose Suncut essence in UV protects spray the best. The formula is smoother and finer. Kose Suncut essence also has a bigger size bottle, I am not sure whether Biore UV spray has a bigger size or not. When I use Kose Suncut essence there is not much of “white fume” coming out.

There was one time when I used Biore UV spray in a car, and there is white fume all over. So, do not use it in a car I guess LOL. Additionally, Biore UV sprays strong smell makes me holds my breath or cough whenever I use it.

Both sunblock can blend well over makeup, it is seamless and invisible. I usually use oil blotting paper to absorb oil on my face first before using either Biore UV spray or Kose Suncut essence. Sunblock spray is nice if you do not have much time to reapply you sunscreen, if you are on the beach or in a hurry but if you do have time I think it is better to reapply your regular sunscreen.



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