Simple Make up For Holiday

Simple skincare, simple clothing, and simple make up. I am all about simple things when it comes to traveling. Save as much space in my luggage as I can. The makeup that I bring along in traveling consist only the essential product and small packaging. I do not bring along the foundation, because I rarely wear foundation these days, especially on holiday when morning preparation is always hectic and focused on my son. Mom duties called first. Bathe my son; prepare his breakfast, making sure everything is ready for him. Once it is done, then my turn to get ready.

After my skincare step is done, I started putting on makeup. My make up routine is really easy; I only have powder, blush on, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, and eye shadow palette. I bring 4 make up brushes. 2 eye brushes for eye makeup; tapered blending brush and flat shader brush. For the face brush, I have blush brush and a dual-ended brush from Ecotools, for powder and angled brush to apply bronzer.


The powder I did not use it much because my skin is too dry. I started with filling up my brow with the small tip eyebrow pencil. Then I put on eye shadow. I absolutely love the tiny eyeshadow palette like this. Mine is the Tarte pro to go. This palette has enough matte and shimmer eyeshadow for an everyday look and all the shadow is pigmented. For smoky eye lover, the pallets have one dark brown color to smoke out your eye look. My favorite combination is the shade “drive” blend on my crease, add “crisp” on top of “drive” then I put the shade “boss” or “dominate” on the lid. “dominate” is so pretty on the lid.


simple makeup dor holiday
This how my makeup generally look like

I will continue with my Elf bronzer to my cheeks hollow, forehead and jaw just to give a healthy glow. This is a shimmery bronzer; it does not glow like a highlighter, just give a subtle glow. As you can see, I love my bronzer I use it until I hit pan and this bronzer is so affordable, it is only cost around Rp 150.000. Next is my Holy Grail blush from etude house cookie blusher in shade grapefruit jelly. I purchase a few blushes before, but none of the blush is giving me a fresh look, like this etude house blush. It is not too pigmented, so you can build it up to your preference. The color suits my skin tone very well. I also bring my glossier cloud paint in the shade beam (I put it in a small jar). Glossier liquid blush is awesome; you only need a tiny bit to blend on your cheeks. It is a bit pricey though, 10 ml of product for Rp 395.000. I prefer my etude house cookie blusher which retails for Rp 80.000. FYI, I prefer etude house cookie blusher not because it is cheaper than the glossier, but because etude house cookie blusher color looks good on my face.



Finally, there are 3 liquid lipsticks and a lip balm that I adore at the moment. They are Lipcoat BLP in burnt cinnamon, Emina in fuzzy wuzzy and Klara Cosmetic in sensual pink. Additionally, a lip balm with SPF is always a must to keep your lip hydrated and protect it from UV lights. I found this Nivea deep moisture honey flavor lip balm with SPF 20 in Japan, and it is so soft, smell like honey, and feel comfortable on my lips.  You know, sometimes you wear a lip balm and after a while, it makes a crack on your lips; this Nivea does not, which makes me want to apply it over and over again. That is it for my make up. Is it too short to be called makeup routine? What your simplest make up routine?





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