Cooking Your Own Okonomiyaki in Shinjuku.

I have been watching video on youtube about a restaurant where you can have okonomiyaki being cooked for you at your table. So when I walk around Shinjuku, I saw this okonomiyaki restaurant and decided to give it a try. Here is a short video of us cooking okonomiyaki on our own :

This video doesn’t exist


The restaurant name is in Japanese “新宿 こてがえし”.

You can look up their address on their website:

If you find the building, the restaurant is on the third floor.

I went there around 19.50 pm, there was a waiting list. The waiter told us to wait for about 15 minutes. This restaurant does not have an English friendly staff, even though they have an English menu. I and my sister wait for about 20 minutes to be seated.  We both order the seafood okonomiyaki with snow crab, shrimp, and squid. The price range is about 1.330 Yen to 1.580 Yen.


After ordering the okonomiyaki, they give us a bowl of okonomiyaki mixture. We were a bit confused, we thought they gonna cook it for us. It turns out we should cook okonomiyaki ourself. We have no problem with that and tried our best to cook the okonomiyaki. LoL. There were tools; such as spatula, lid, and little hourglass to calculate the exact time you must flip the okonomiyaki (around 4 minutes on each side). Also ingredients on every table to help you cook it. It was a pretty fun experience too I must say. I think the okonomiyaki mixture is foolproof; it is already season well, so even if you cannot cook, the okonomiyaki will still turn out good and delicious. You just have to add additional ingredient according to suit your taste. As for me, I like to put more mayonnaise on my okonomiyaki.


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