Essential Things In My Backpack When Travelling With Kids


I always carry a backpack whenever I travel with my son because a child needs a lot of things and I have to be prepared. I also tried to pack as light as possible, since I will carry this backpack for the whole day by myself.

  1. A Large Size Wallet

I need a large size wallet to fit all my travelling documents. It must fit my passports, money, coins and cards. I choose a bright colour wallet to spot it easier inside my backpack. My favourite travelling wallet is this green wallet from Typo.


  1. Sun Protection Kit

My sun protection kit includes UV hat, lip balm with SPF, Kose Suncut UV protect Spray SPF 50+ PA++++ and sunglasses. There is a reason I always choose cold places for a holiday, it is because I do not like bright and hot places like the beach. I carry sun protection kit all the time, whether it is winter or summer. Well, I don’t usually carry hat around, but I always have spray sunscreen to reapply at least once a day and sunglasses to protect my eyes inside my bag. You know sometimes if the sun is too bright, it can make you squinting which can make your forehead wrinkle. I am so extra, I know. But hey, it is better to prevent than to repair right?


  1. A Bottle Of Water And Milk

When I enjoy your travelling day, checking out new places, learning a new culture, tasting new culinary dishes, taking pictures; I often forget to drink water. I drink water before leaving the hotel. But then I forget to drink water during my trip especially if the weather is nice and cold. Although it seems unimportant, maintaining your water intake is crucial. Please don’t forget to hydrate yourself and your kids. I tried to drink at least 3 bottles of water during a trip, and so is my son. One bottle in breakfast time, one time during lunch, one bottle during the trip and the rest is after dinner time. For my son, he likes to drinks milk more than water.


  1. Tissue And Wet Tissue

Both dry tissue and wet tissue is a must-have during the trip; It will be used to wipe things all the time. As you know, kids can be messy with food, drink and everything else. A wet tissue will come in handy anytime.


  1. A Camera

I would bring a DSLR if I could, but for the sake of efficiency, I choose a pocket camera that is lighter and compact. Its photo quality may not be as good as DSLR but it is more practical and does not require extra space in my bag. A Camera is key in every travelling journey, to capture the moments; I like to use the combination between iPhone and pocket camera to take pictures or record video during my holiday.


  1. Comb And Lipstick

Even though I did not comb my hair all the time, but I have to bring a comb to touch up during the day or tie my hair. I look like a mess without it and Lipstick to make my face look fresh.


  1. Pocket Wifi And Power Bank

I cannot travel without bringing wifi. I use it for looking at maps, chat, social media, and browse, basically everything. I left the hotel from the morning and return at night, so I need to bring a power bank to make sure I not going to running out of battery both for my phone and pocket wifi. Alternatively, you can also bring a charger instead and charge your phone in a cafe or restaurant. I do not stay longer than 1 hour-ish in a cafe, so it is not an option for me. If you do like to hang out and spend hours in a coffee shop, you should bring a charger instead of a power bank.


  1. A Back-Up Outfit

Mothers will know that extra clothing for their kids is essential during travelling. The thing is, you never know when your kid going to spill water on their pants or sweat a lot that makes their shirt wet. Bigger kids like my son need less stuff than an infant. A shirt, pants, and underwear are all I need for my kid, no diaper or small towel. If it is cold, I will bring an extra jacket.

All of these things have to fit in my backpack. Without one of this thing, I might have to come back to the hotel to take them. What is the necessary thing you must bring when you travelling with your kids?

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