Micro Needling and Plasma Platelet-Rich (PRP) Treatment

I have large pores and some deep acne scar (some boxy and ice pick acne scar), due to my previous bad habit of picking on or squeezing my acne. Ever since I do a proper skincare routine, my skin got a lot better. The acne clears up nicely, and the acne scar slowly disappearing. However, my skin texture is still uneven. I know that I need more than a skincare routine.

acne scar
This is me a few years ago, can you see my skin uneven texture of acne scars on my cheek?

I read a lot of review on how to treat boxy and ice pick acne scar, there are few options such as erbium laser, Plasma Platelet-Rich (PRP) and micro-needling. I never tried an erbium laser. I was tempted, but it looks too scary for me, plus when I ask dermatologist there are certain requirements you must do weeks before the actual treatment. I do not know what the exact requirements; it just seems too much for me.

I choose other alternatives. First I tried micro-needling with derma pen, this treatment is done by a dermatologist in a professional Clinique. For this treatment, you can just come to the Clinique and doing a consultation with the doctor, then go straight for the treatment. However, micro-needling can be done when you don’t have active acne.

The Process

They cleanse my face first before putting on numb cream all over my face. I have to wait until 1 hour for the numbing cream to work. Then my face will be wrapped by plastic (the one that usually uses for food). The numbing cream is to make the skin numb while being pinprick by the derma pen.  The doctor makes small pricks under the skin with the derma pen. Microneedling works by creating an injury on the skin, the skin will response by increasing the collagen production to heal the wound and create new skin tissue. Usually, the doctor will prick more on the deeper acne scar to get a better result. After the doctor finished, she will wipe blood on the face then apply a serum to help the skin heals.

Plasma Platelet-Rich (PRP) treatment preeparation
Plasma Platelet-Rich (PRP) treatment preparation with numbing cream

Does It Hurts Or Make You Bleed?

It does slightly hurt, but the numb cream helps a lot to decrease the pain. It does make your face bleed during the process, but it is not major bleeding.

How Long Is The Process?

Around 2 hours, 1 hour spend on numbing cream and the rest is the micro-needling process.

How Much Is The Cost, Is It Worth It?

It costs Rp 2.000.000 for one appointment, and it is worth every penny.

What Are Micro Needling Benefits?

  • It increases your collagen production.

 As we age, the ability of our body to produce collagen naturally decreased. That is why our skin does not heal as fast as it used to be, with micro-needling will help generates new skin tissue and boost collagen production.

  • Rejuvenate your skin
  • It helps to reduce the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks

like I said, I have deep acne scar on my cheeks. Skincare routine might be able to get rid of deep acne scar, but it certainly did not for me. I want a significant result on my acne scar, faster than skincare routine which is why I decided to try this treatment.

What Not To Do After Microneedling

  • As your skin will become sensitive after this treatment, you should not forget to wear sunscreen.
  • Do not do exercise for a few days, as heavily sweating may irritate the sensitive skin
  • Do not do activities with strong sunlight exposure such as going to the beach
  • Do not swim for a few days
  • Do not put harsh skincare to your skin, such as acid toner, retinol, or scrubs.
  • Treat your skin gently
  • Avoid using warm or hot water when washing your face

What About Microneedling At Home?

There is also an option of doing micro-needling by yourself at home, using derma roller or derma pen that you can easily buy on the market. I have tried it too. I purchase a derma roller and tried it at home and I combine it with vitamin C serum. Of course, there is a huge difference in the result of doing micro-needling by yourself than done by a dermatologist. It will be cheaper to do micro-needling at home than to pay Rp. 2.000.000. Plus you can use the derma roller up to 5 times whilst in the dermatologist treatment, you will only use the derma roller or derma pen once. Nevertheless, doing micro-needling at home by myself does not give me the result that I want. I don’t know whether it is because I use it wrong or is it because I am too scared to roll my face until it is bleeding like it did in the doctor treatment. I just don’t think I should do micro-needling on my own. But if you think you can, feel free to do it.

The Difference Between Microneedling And Plasma Platelet-Rich (PRP)

The process between micro-needling and Plasma Platelet-Rich (PRP) is almost the same. They cleanse my face first before putting on numb cream all over my face.

The Differences Are:

  1. At least 1 week before the procedure, the doctor suggest me to do eat healthy food, drink 8 glass of water, eat more fruits and veggies and avoid greasy food. So you cannot just come and do the treatment, you must prepare yourself beforehand.
  2. The reason you must eat healthily is that PRP treatment is done by using your own blood. After putting on the numbing cream, they will take your blood and put in a vessel then they put in a machine to separate between the red blood cells and the white blood cells. The doctor will use your white blood cells as the serum to heal your skin after the micro-needling is done. So, PRP treatment is basically micro-needling, with your own blood as the serum.

The Similarities Are:

  1. Both use derma roller or derma pen
  2. Both cost the same for Rp 2.000.000
  3. Both give an incredible and visible result
2 hours after Plasma Platelet-Rich (PRP) treatment
2 hours after Plasma Platelet-Rich (PRP) treatment my face looks red
after Plasma Platelet-Rich (PRP) treatment
After Plasma Platelet-Rich (PRP) treatment, my face does not feel hurt

After micro-needling my skin usually will be red for about 3 days, it will feel dry and slightly itchy. The only thing I put on my face after micro-needling is anti-irritation cream (given by the doctor) and sunscreen. The redness on my face last about 4-5 days, the dermatologist says every person react differently toward PRP Treatment. I do not have to go back to the doctor after the micro-needling session unless something is wrong. But so far I have no problems. I personally prefer micro-needling instead of PRP treatment, because I do not want to use my blood as a serum. It smells like blood (duh!). I like to use a normal serum instead. I am so pleased with the result. My deep acne scar started to flatten, my skin texture looks way better. The treatments also make my skin rejuvenate and glowing.

If you are still contemplating about PRP or laser treatment, you should go for it. Don’t forget to consult with the doctor first. The downside is these treatments are not cheap, but it is so worth it because it delivers a significant result on my uneven skin texture. However, you might be required to do these treatments more than once. At the end of the day, these treatments are not magic that can be done once and your skin will be forever flawless.

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