Family Day at Mount Fuji

Fujiten Snow Resort
Fujiten Snow Resort

I took my son for the first time to Japan in 2018. Actually, it was our first time in Japan. I remember the excitement at that time. Since then, I promise myself to be back again to Japan in 2019, which I did. Anyway, in 2018 was also the first time my son see snow. I choose Fujiten Snow Resort because it is the closest to our Hotel located at that time. Near Tokyo, there are several snowy resorts such as Gala Yuzawa Snow resort, Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski and Snow Town Yeti. You can do a day trip to these snow resorts.

How to get there: 

I personally book a tour with a private car to go there. It took around 2,5 hours of driving.

There are public transportation option too which you can check out in this website

Best Time to go:

I think the best time to go to Fujiten is from December to March. I went there in the second week of March, but it is near season change so the snow is not that thick. I would recommend going to Fujiten Snow Resort before March to see more snow.

The thing to do:

Skiing and snowboarding

The ski and snowboarding equipment rental cost around ¥3000 to ¥4,500. Unfortunately, I did not try to ski or snowboarding there, I never ever tried both at all. I think I should give it a try someday, you know if I dare to do so. LOL.


Playing sled

Fujiten Snow Resort
Fujiten Snow Resort

The admission fee is ¥700 per person and you can rent a sled for ¥750 a whole day. After paying for admission fee, they will give you a tag to hang on your jacket. This is my favorite activity in Fujiten, I can do this all day long. My son and I ride the sled together and keep coming back over and over again. It is such a fun activity. The sled is not too fast, the only thing I wish is that the ski slope is a bit higher, so I can enjoy riding slide for a bit longer. There is a small area on the side for children to play with snow if you did not bring any toy-like plastic shovel and bucket; there is a shop that sells it.

My son already prepared by bringing his dump truck toy and a shovel. Fujiten Snow Resort provide a nice area for kids to play and separated from the ski and snowboarding area. Parents do not have to worry their kids will bump into people who ski. At that time the weather is nice and cool, No cold wind that will make freezing at all. Unlike the snow resort in New Zealand that definitely makes you do not want to play snow due to its strong wind. The overall experience in Fujiten snow resort is very enjoyable.


Mt. Fuji Observation Deck

You can enjoy the view of Mount Fuji from here. You will ride the lift to go to the top deck and pays ¥1500-¥2500 for a round trip to the deck. The queue to go to the observation deck is pretty pack that we decided not to go there.

Plus point:

Fujiten Snow Resort is Muslim friendly; they provide a prayer room, prayer mats, and prayer cloth. You do not need to worry about missing a prayer. There is also Halal Spaghetti Bolognese that you can enjoy.

Places to visit near Fujiten Snow Resort:

Lake Kawaguchiko
Lake Kawaguchiko

Lake Kawaguchiko

If you go by car, then you can stop by Lake Kawaguchiko where you can enjoy the lake view, Mount fuji from far away (to take pictures) and soft-serve ice cream. Lake Kawaguchiko is a popular tourist spot, the best time to visit Lake Kawaguchiko is probably in Spring or autumn where you can see flowers.

Gotemba Outlet


For shopping lover, this is a heavenly place to be. Lots of branded stuff is available here. Brands such as Anna Sui, Coach, Bally, Balenciaga, Celine, Champion, Fendi, etc. You can find a good discount price for certain items. There are few restaurants too if you just want to chill or have lunch.

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