Hello My Dear Readers

Hello, my dear readers,

How are you? How is your #stayathome life? As for me, I have been staying at home for 6 weeks now, entering the seventh week soon. As you may have read on my blog post here Things to do while self-quarantine at home

I have trying to do some productive things during quarantine. Some of you may have been a stay at home for more than a month now. I know it gets boring right now. You have tried to do everything to get rid of the boredom. I did too. As a human, it is perfectly normal to feel ups and downs. I am writing this to you to say it is ok to not be productive now. It is ok to feel like you do not want to do anything.

This is a very strange situation we are facing. I never know staying at home for so long can drive me crazy like this. I have done some productive things, some unproductive things, even absurd things LOL. And that’s ok. You are allowed to feel whatever you want to feel. You may be seen people in social media doing all sort of things that seems amazing like working out, cooking, gardening, having multiple zoom meetings. I know I have. But the truth is everyone just trying to cope with this whole situation in their own way. Do not make it as a standard for you, you do whatever makes you feel better, or at least keeping you sane. These are the things I realize during self-quarantine.

  1. Being a teacher is hard

I have a new profession in this quarantine life. Since I am staying at home along with my son too, I have become a teacher. I am a working mom; I do teach things to my son but never this much. With a lot of free time we have, I do not want my son to spend his time watching tv the whole day, plus there are tons of homework from school.

I always respect teachers, but during this quarantine, I respect the teacher’s job even more. It is not easy to be able to teach young kids doing all the tasks like reading, writing, coloring, arts and craft making, and sports. It may sound like it is a simple task of “writing and reading”, I mean have you teach a kid to write and all they do is anything but writing? they talk, run around, eating, shouting, and complaining. It takes a lot of patience to be a teacher indeed.

I saw my friends who are fellow moms who also get frustrated after being a teacher for a while now. One of my friends has to teach her kid mandarin when she does not really understand mandarin. Oh well, we all have our own struggle indeed.


  1. Money management skill is crucial

Yes, it certainly a difficult time for the economy. I am lucky enough to still have my job. At a time like this I know setting aside emergency funds will be very important. I am thankful that I have learned a few things about personal finance, so I have been able to save some money for an emergency fund.

It is also a good time to start a side hustle to earn extra money. Since it is Ramadhan, there is an opportunity to sell foods such as frozen food, cookies, and cake. If you have trading skills in capital market, it is a good time to do trading since the market price is volatile. But remember to do your research first, arm yourself with knowledge first before making any trading move. Otherwise, you will end up losing money instead of earning it. If you are wondering, nope I don’t have trading skills. I might have to learn more about it soon.


  1. Watching tv series, Korean dramas and movies are exciting but it wears off eventually

I have avoided watching Korean drama since last year. It is not because I don’t like watching it, on the contrarily I love it so much that I am afraid once I watched it I won’t be able to stop until I finish the last episode. Following K-drama often resulting in staying up until late at night and always thinking to myself “just one more episode”. Before I know it, its already 3 am. I cannot do that anymore. I value my sleep now and I don’t want to stay awake all night just to watch. Since I got plenty of time right now, I have been watching a lot of Korean drama series to the point I am getting bored with it. Then I switch to western TV series. And I so bored of watching, so done at the moment. I never thought this will ever happen, honestly.


I know not many things I have done in this quarantine situation. I am fine with it. If you feel not productive, don’t worry, me too! You are not alone. Like I said, you do you, don’t mind what you saw in social media. What important for me now is to stay healthy, sane, and grateful. Don’t be stress out, as stress will weaken your immune system. Hopefully, this situation will be better soon, in the meantime please stay positive and stay at home.

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