Things to do while self-quarantine at home

Hey Readers, how are you? Have you been doing self-quarantine at home? how long has it been now? I know, things can be pretty boring at this point. But you are doing great by staying at home now. Things have been pretty boring for me too. I missed going out and meeting my friends. Anyway, here are some ideas on what to do during this self-quarantine situation. Hope it can cheer you up a little bit 🙂

  1. Home skincare treatment

You can start your day by putting on a clay mask follow up with cleansing then sheet mask while putting on hair spa treatment on your hair. Wait until 20 minutes while sipping your favorite hot tea sounds relaxing right.

I have been prolonge my morning skincare routine. I usually keep it simple in the morning with cleanse-toner-moisturizer-sunscreen only. Currently extended to clay masking-face wash-hydrating mask-vitamin C serum-toner- moisturizer-sunscreen. Along with doing body scrub/exfoliating and hair mask.


  1. Binge-watching Korean Drama or Netflix

Since you got all day, why not binge-watching that Korean Drama you have been wanting to see or Netflix series. K-drama I would recommend is Hotel De Luna and Crash Landing on you. I also like to rewatch old K-drama like: Goblin, Princes Hour, Oh my venus, Kill me heal me and Full house. If you don’t want to spend too much time on series, you can always watch a movie. Try to watch a documentary if you want something that is “heavier”. I personally do not watch a documentary film. You can try to watch a movie related to the financial world like “The Big Short”, “Money Ball”, or ” The wolf of wall street”.


  1. Learn more about skincare

I like reading a blog about skincare and make up that is why I also create one to share my opinion on things. There are always new launches in skincare and make up world, that is why I always want to know about the latest skincare products and ingredients. You can also learn about skincare through youtube videos such as Liah Yoo, Gothamista, Lab Muffin Beauty Science, Director Pi and many more.


  1. Home exercise

You must stay fit, even though you are at home. If you are too lazy, just pick 10 minutes or 20 minutes youtube exercise video. Or do home chores that can make you sweat more. Use your stairs to do a cardio workout. Even daily plank for few minutes is good for your abs. Do not forget to eat healthy too.


  1. Start Reading Books that is outside your comfort zone

Talk about self-improving while staying at home, I write about 2 books in my previous posts about mindset Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and managing your day to day in New Section: Book Recommendation.  

I recently started to read financial books about the stock market. I am curious about how money works. I got to say it is not easy to start reading something that is outside my comfort zone. I mean, I do not have a finance background and lacking in economic knowledge, but it is not too late. You can start now. Find a basic stock market book to start with, now it is a good time to gain a new knowledge since you have all day at home.


  1. Spend more time with your kids

If you usually find it difficult to spare time to play with your kids, this is a perfect opportunity to catch up with your kids. It can be overwhelmed I know, but enjoy the moment while you can. They will not stay little forever. Create fun activities together with them or maybe do home chores together to teach them how to participate in keeping the house clean.

I give my son extra tasks on reading comic books, so he can practice his reading skills. Aside from his school homework. After reading, I would ask him what is the story about, what does it teach him. The comic book is not that hard, but still, I want him to understand what he read.


  1. Video call with friends

This is classic, I am sure you already did it too. If you missed your friend, simply doing a video call to ease the longing. I know, at this point we all missed human interaction. We are so bored at home, and wanted to have a decent conversation with friend in a coffee shop. Be patient, we need to be mindful of this situation.


  1. Make a budget preparation

We do not know how long this kind of health situation will last, along with the uncertain economic situation. Since we have time, why don’t we make a budget preparation for personal financial situation? Set aside an emergency fund for few months ahead and make an efficient budget plan.


  1. Planning side hustle

This situation make me realize that we should have a side hustle, other ways to earn extra income aside from my regular job. The stay at home policy, create side effect on many business to cope with the fix cost of business. Some offices reduce the salary of an employee to keep the business alive. This is when we must think of an alternative to earning money to secure our financial situation. You can research side jobs that match with your skill, such as content writer, consultant, Trading in the stock market or making small business.


  1. Declutter your home

The thing I always avoid is decluttering my stuff. My bags and clothes has been the biggest culprit of the clutter in my room. I have more time now to do some decluttering. You will be amazed at the things you might find in your closet. separate the things you never use and give them to someone else through donation.


  1. Taking an online seminar/webinar

I have been taking 2 online seminars so far. I have been signing up for a seminar before this situation, luckily they change it into an online seminar and I am loving it. I do not have to go anywhere, do not have to spend money on transportation and learning comfortably in my own home plus gaining new knowledge. The website to find an online seminar is at

These are some of the things I recommended to do. I know it is boring but you need to keep your mind positive. Try not to get stressed out. I hope this health situation will get better soon and I hope everyone will stay safe, happy and healthy.



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