Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill  


Where to find: Gramedia

What is it about?

I am into a personal growth book and this book is a must-read for a personal growth book lovers. It is about how Napoleon Hills extract the most important factor in the mind of the rich and successful people. What makes successful people different from medicare people. The secret of some of the world’s richest people accumulates their wealth has one thing in common and it is discussed in every chapter of the book. It took years of dedicated research for Napoleon Hill to gather information through interviews of so many successful people. The people he had to analyze for the sake of this book are; Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Wilbur Wright, Thomas Alpha Edison, John D. Rockafeller, F.W. Woolworth and many more.


My Favourite Highlights of the book are:

  • The Power Of Dream Big

We all have big dreams right? we want to achieve a lot of things, we want to be wealthy, some of us want to be famous, or dream of becoming a great leader. Whatever our dream is, it all started with our minds. The passion we had inside our mind and how to turn it into wealth.

But how many people have a big dream and actually chasing it, putting a lot of effort in the process and never give up? The reality is, people have a passion and a big dream but most of them are too afraid to chase it. They just think about it in the back of their mind and don’t actually do the concrete move to make it come through. Our mind could be a huge block of that dream to even think about it.

We tend to make limitations for ourselves and underestimated our own ability to do something great. The power of dream big is not only to imagine it but also how to convince yourself that you are capable to reach your dream.

  • Self Confidence

Believe in yourself first that you can do things you are dreaming of. It is not about other people’s opinions about your ability. It is about how you view yourself. Have faith in things you know you can accomplish. Do not let fear take over your dream. In Life, we often stuck in our comfort zone. We rely so much on the job that we hesitate to take another opportunity to grow. We do not have enough confidence in ourselves to move forward. We let our fear taking over our life and refuse to believe that we can change our situation for the better. Building self-confidence is the key to achieve your dream.

  • Autosuggestion

Use an autosuggestion technique from this book that allows you to train your mind to focus on your goals. Blocking negative taught which can potentially prevent you from achieving your dream.

Autosuggestion technique is also useful to install your subconscious mind of things you want to accomplish.

In order for your subconscious mind to follow your desire, you must stimulate your mind by simply writing down your goals on a piece of paper. The list of things you want to acquire should be more specific rather than broad. For example instead of write “I want to be successful”, you could add detail as “I want to be successful in food business”. Be more precise, so you will know the direction you are going in the future. Then mention the things you could do to get it, it could be like “I want to be successful in the food business. Therefore, I will start learning and doing business by sells cupcakes”. Set a time horizon for those goals, maybe in 6 months or 1 year, it all up to you. After writing your plan, give an emotional attachment to it, you must feel it as if it is happening right now. Lastly, read this affirmation every day in morning and night.

The purpose of this to make this affirmation sticks in your subconscious mind. So your mind eventually remembers it and finds ways to help you follow through your goals.

  • Master Mind

There is an interesting story about Andrew Carnegie who had 50 staff at that time surrounded him with the same definite goals to make steel and promote the steel industry. Andrew Carnegie does not know much about the steel industry. But steel he has the ability to summons people who understand about the steel industry and lead them to work in harmony to reach the definite goals.

If you wanted to earn wealth from being an entrepreneur, you will need a team. You cannot do it by yourself. Have you ever heard about “teamwork makes dream works”. Building a solid team to help run your business is essential, and having a team also advances your step to become a successful businessman.   You do not have to be smart in every field, you just need to be smart enough to lead the people who have the skill required to help you building wealth. As easy as it sounds, building a team is hard, not only that you need to have teamed that resonate the same purpose as you are.

I like this book so much; it has opened my mind to see more possibilities in life. Sometimes your biggest enemy is yourself, your mind and your fear. All of those things hinder your true capacity to grow as a person. You can be successful, but because you limiting your mind and keep saying to yourself “I can’t do this, or else I will be a failure”. Often too afraid of what might come in the future if you decide to take a different path. Limiting your mind is like limiting your faith. This book is a refreshing reminder that you can achieve so much more if you have definite goals, self-confidence, and persistence. It is all started in your mind.


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