Being Single Is Awesome

To my fellow single people out there, don’t feel bad for being single. Embrace your single status and be happy with yourself. I know some of you must want to be in a relationship, including me. While waiting for the right person to come into your life, here are the reason why you should be happy to be single:

1.       Drama free

There is no need to worry about fighting over which restaurant you should try this weekend. No need to be jealous or feel insecure about the other person or fight over every unimportant thing. Nor getting annoyed with each other.

2.       You can date anyone you want

Meeting new friends and new attractive guys. Go on date or flirting with anyone you want without having to worry about anything else.

3.       No more awkward hangout

Being single-prevent you from lots of awkward hang out that you might experience when you are still in a relationship. Maybe attending your partner workplace gathering or other social events that you must attend because of your partner, where you feel like you don’t belong.

4.       You get to know yourself better

In relationships, we always consider our partner’s feelings and opinions, and often we put their interest above ours. We sometimes sacrifice our own happiness and go along with what they want instead of ours. When you are single, you will get to see things clearly. You will be able to focus on yourself, get to know yourself better, what you want. You can think about that dream you have to forget because you getting into a relationship. Start loving yourself again and put your interest above anything else. Find out the things that make you happy.

Single is also a good time for you to think about what kind of man you want as a husband in the future and what kind of relationship will make you happy. Especially, if you experience horrible breakups before. Now it’s the right time to evaluate what you truly seek in a relationship and take your time while doing so.

5.       You can use your time to learn new things or new hobbies

Now that you have more time for yourself, you can explore new hobbies. You can begin to learn something new, maybe about investing, journaling, meditating, or painting. Anything that grabs your attention.

6.       No need to ask permission or other people opinion, no need to check-in

If there is one thing that must always be done in a relationship is ask for opinion or permission every time you want to do something or go somewhere. You must text and let them know where you are, what you are doing, who are you with, and what time you will come home. When you are single, you are free from such obligation. If your colleague asks you to hang out after work, you can just go without having the obligation to explain to anyone why you hang out without advance notice.

7.       Have the freedom to spend as much time with your friends and family

When you in a relationship, a lot of time you need to check on your partner whenever you got an invitation to go somewhere. And if it does not match their schedule, you might have to cancel them. Of course, you must spend a lot of time with your significant other, which often makes your interaction with family and friends lessen. Now that your single, you get to meet them more often. Your schedule will be more flexible than before.

8.       Work on yourself physically and mentally

For me personally, this is very true. I get to work on myself a lot. I am doing more exercise than before; I work on my body for a more fit and lean body. I do meditation, something that I never thought I would do. And practicing meditation really help me in balancing my emotion and helping me healing myself mentally.

9.       No need to hide your shopping packages

Yes, you can buy everything you want without anyone judging you and telling you to stop wasting money on buying so much stuff already. Well, I shop with my money anyway, so I will do anything I want with it LOL. No need to panic when the delivery man arrived with your online packages.

10.   More relax and peaceful life

Single life is more relaxing in a sense. Maybe you busy with work, at least on weekend you can do all the things you want. Nobody nagging you to go somewhere or to do something. You can even wake up late and nobody will annoy you about it. No need to make plans every weekend, you can just chill watching Netflix or play a game all day.

11.   Save more money for yourself

A relationship can be expensive right? Even if you are a woman. You tend to spend money on your significant others too, like buying gifts, supporting family finance, or helping pay bills. When single, you have fewer expenses. Well, unless you are a shopaholic.

12.   Traveling

You can travel to any country or any place you want without worry someone does not approve of it. Whether travel by yourself or with your friends. Go to the destination you always wanted to go to but cannot, because your partner does not want to go.

13.   No more mudik

In Indonesia, there is lebaran day where you are actually obligated to visit your partner’s family in another city or town, this called mudik. There are two main problems to travel during lebaran time; one, the plane and train tickets are extremely expensive and often already sold out a month before, two, if you go by car or bus the traffic jam will be absolute hell. It wastes lots of money and very exhausted, but because it is tradition, whether you wanted or not you must do it. Luckily, when you are single you don’t have to deal with it anymore. No more spending money on overprices tickets.

14.   No one monitoring your social media

Follow that hot guy you saw on Instagram or liking tons of handsome Kpop idol pictures with no worries. No one will ask why you like or comment on something or going through your Instagram dm.

15.   You got the bed all to yourself

Enjoy your bed all to yourself. Sleeping in peace in quiet, no more annoying snores that bother you. There is nobody who accidentally hit you during sleep. You finally can enjoy a peaceful sleep every night.

FYI, I am not suggesting being in a relationship suck. It is must be great if you are in a meaningful relationship. But being single is not bad either. Many single people complaining about being single, which I think they shouldn’t have. Embrace your singleness, because when you love yourself you will never feel lonely.

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