Little Things To Make Your Skin Better

Putting on label of the date I open the product so I will be able to know when it is expiring
  1. Change pillow case once a week
  2. Use cool water to wash your face
  3. Do not rub towel to your face
  4. Put skincare on damp face after shower, unless your applying acid
  5. Drinking enough water is important
  6. Reduce sugar, fatty and oily food
  7. Massage your face to help blood circulation
  8. Wear sunglasses to prevent aging on your eye area
  9. Wash your hand before you use it to wash your face
  10. Do not pop pimple
  11. Use hand to apply toner
  12. Use tap motion to apply your skincare, do not rub
  13. Your neck is important too, never skip skincare on neck part
  14. Put label of opening date on skincare jar
  15. Check your product expiry date
  16. use scrub mask gently on your skin, just apply it on the face not rubbing it hard on your skin
  17. Moisturize your skin well after using exfoliating product
  18. Use vitamin C serum before your sunscreen
  19. Try to not changing skincare product too often
  20. Treat acne gently with proper hydration and restoring your skin barrier not over drying it with harsh product.

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