My Top Five Books in 2020

1.       The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

My favorite book in 2020. The book consists of 324 pages but I read it quite fast since the book is so well written and entertaining to read. This book is mostly about the story behind successful people. How they do to get where they are now. It is quite an interesting book. The way it is written and the way the writer tells the story is so enticing that I feel like I am reading a novel instead of a self-improvement book. I have talked about this book in this post Book Recommendation Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

2.       I Hate Diet by Yulia Baltschun

I have written a book review on this one. In 2020, I become more eager to exercise. Perhaps it is because of work from home or just pure boredom. Either way, I am glad I am able to build a good habit of exercising. At first, I did not care much about what I eat, I mean I don’t eat excessively but I just don’t really pay attention to the nutrition of what I eat. Most of the exercises I do is cardio, focus on burning as much as calories as I can. After a few months, I realize that something is just not balanced. I see no progress in my body as I exercise more than I did before.

So, I begin to learn about the right nutrition for my body and I also added strength training to my workout routine. When I found this book, I was so happy finally I can have proper knowledge about exercise and healthy food to help me achieved my body goals. Plus, it is in Bahasa, so I will read it faster than other books. This book is seriously worth it, it gives a lot of information and it is written in a fun way.

3.       Influence, The Psychology Of Persuasion By Robert D. Cialdini, Ph.D

One of book that you need to read to help get you through life strategically when dealing with other people. “Influence, the psychology of persuasion” book talks about A well-known principle of human behavior that says that when we ask someone to do us a favor, we will be more successful if we provide a reason. People simply like to have reasons for what they do. The book discusses kinds of ways of pursuing people. You must have known that cigarette companies often use beautiful women dress in sexy clothes in marketing strategy to help boost sales. That is one of persuasion technique happens in daily life.

Another concept of persuasion is the power of reciprocation when you give a good intention to someone else in a form of a gift, letters, or kindness, people will reciprocate with the same amount of kindness. People often feel obligated to respond to someone else’s kindness in an equal way. Sometimes even more. Persuasion can also initiate by peers and surroundings, in a situation like an accident on the street, when nobody came to rescue because each of them thinks somebody will do something but nobody help. However, if one person helps then the other will follow the action.

One the important thing I learn from this book if you experience an accident, having anything that is an emergency event and it happens in a crowded place. When you expecting help from strangers, don’t just scream “help me”, It might bring you some attention, but they would not provide enough information to assure passersby that a true emergency existed. Instead, choose specifically the person who passes by. For example, “you with a green shirt and a beanie, please help me, call an ambulance”. With that dismiss all the uncertainties that possibly prevent or delay help.

4.       7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey

This book share so many amazing insights into leadership. Not only be a leader to other people but also leading ourselves to a successful life by creating effective habits. Habit 1 to habit 3 encourages us to be an independent individual who can create value and strong character. While habit 4 to habit 7 teaches us to have an interdependent relationship with other people. Personal worth should come from within ourselves then we use it to help to build other people and work in harmonious synergy to have an even meaningful and satisfying life. I will write a blog post on this book; it might be a long one since there are plenty to talk about 😊

5.       Make Your Kid Money Genius (Even If You’re Not) By Beth Kobliner

If there are things I regret in life, one of them would be not starting investing at an early age. I only start to understand investing recently. That includes investing in yourself, investing in your mind, and investing in your finance. I wasn’t aware of the personal-finance thing, because nobody told me, and worse I am not aware of it either. There was not a lesson about money during my childhood. I know money is not everything, but I wish someone would have thought me how to manage money and how to grow assets. What I know was only to save money in a bank.

I am determined to learn more about managing my personal finance and how to do investing.  Therefore, I will be able to teach my son about it. He can learn the right concept and mindset about money which starts with lessons that suitable for his young age. This book “Make your kid money Genius (even if you’re not)” by Beth Kobliner will give you some useful guidance on how to begin teaching your kid about money according to their age. There is a different chapter for each age range from young kids age 7 to 10, teenager, and young adult.

For elementary school-age kids, who are fascinated by earning money, parents should encourage their children willing to work in order to make money. Things like getting paid by doing extra jobs at home, the tasks you assign shouldn’t be overwhelming, and the expectations need to be clear from the beginning. Such as keeping the lawn nice and clean for the whole month.  Teach them that work is not always fun, but it is a great thing to have a job and make them learn that we must be respectful to people in all jobs. The ideas in this book are simple and applicable, but often we confused about where, when, and how to start.  I like the writer’s ideas to divide money lesson strategy into age stages.

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