My 5 Best Purchase In 2020

I already discuss the best skin care products and books for me during the year 2020. Now let me tell you my best purchase that help me survive in 2020. These things had entertained and accompanied my staying at home time.

1.       Sony WI-XB Black Extra Bass Wireless In-Ear Earphone

I love my Sony earphone so much. I have tried a few earphones from a different brand and I find that the Sony earphone is the most comfortable to use for a long duration without making my ears tired. Previously I bought wireless earphones from Mifo and it is broken within a year despite rare usage. I like to use earphones on my way to the office and back home. The Sony WI-XB Black Extra Bass Wireless In-Ear Earphone fit perfectly and comfortably, easy to connect to phone and laptop. It is not waterproof tho, so don’t try to use it when sweating or raining. It is a bit pricey but luckily, I bought it when it is on sale. The sony earphone is not completely wireless but it is still convenient to use. During work from home situation, this earphone is so useful, I don’t have to limit my movement and can do other things far away from the laptop while still able to listen clearly.

2.       Huawei Honor Band 5 Smart Band Smartwatch

The product helps to step up my fitness level. There are many smartwatch options in the market, from the expensive ones like the apple watch and Fitbit to this Huawei Honor band 5. What I like about this watch is the price of course. LOL. It cost around Rp 350.000. Even though it is very affordable; the quality is not bad either. It has all the features that I need; calorie count, step count, heart rate count, month, date, hour, and sleep tracker. I like the small design that fits perfectly on my small hands. The battery life is pretty good too. Ever since I have this Huawei Honor band 5, I am able to know how many calories I burn during exercise. It shows my heart rate during exercise, so I won’t go overboard with my workout. When I am able to see how many calories I burn in a workout, it helps me to calculate how many calories I can eat on that day to match my fitness goal.

 It has a reminder too whenever I sit for more than 1 hour. My favorite feature is the sleeping tracker, it shows daily sleep quality including deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep percentage. The connectivity to the phone application is also fairly easy and fast. It is not the most stylish smartwatch in the market, but if you are looking for an affordable, compact, and practical smartwatch this Huawei Honor band 5 definitely suits you well.

3.       Xiaomi Deerma Humidifier F600 5L Air Diffuser Purifier Touch Screen

Did your throat feel dry when you wake up? I often feel like that, I thought I am about to have a sore throat. I mention it in a conversation with a friend, and he suggests me to get a humidifier. My throat probably feels like that because the air-conditioned room tends to cause dry air which affects my throat. A humidifier helps to maintain the humidity level in an airconditioned room and it also helps to prevent your skin from dryness (yup, most of my purchases are connected to skin benefit LOL). I decide to buy this medium size humidifier. The design is sleek and modern. Contain 5 L of water that can last for 3 days (if you use it for 5-7 hours a day). I like that it uses a touch screen to set the time and to turn on-off. What I don’t like about it is to fill up the water tank is pretty messy and the instruction is fully written in Mandarin. To know how to operate it, I look it up on youtube. It does help with the dry air in my room, my throat doesn’t feel as dry as often. 

4.       Satin Pillowcase

I have been wanting to buy this silk pillowcase from Sephora . It cost $ 89, not include shipping to Indonesia. It seems that I will never buy it. I want this pillow because from what I read, a silk pillowcase reducing the scratches and tugs on the skin that often happens when I sleep. There is a couple of times I woke up with a line crease on my face since I always sleep on my side. Over time it can promote fine lines on the skin. It is not an absolute need I know, that is why I never purchase it. Then around November, I come across a satin pillowcase that is locally made. I think to myself, why don’t I try it first, it is pretty similar. So I buy a pair of satin pillowcases and very happy with them. Although it is not silk, the fabric is so soft and gentle on the skin. I feel less guilty about sleeping on my side. The unexpected benefit I experience is, my hair is less tangled ever since I use the satin pillowcase. I haven’t experience line crease on my face so far and it is also very comfortable to use.

5.       Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof 300 ppi glare-free

The best purchase ever. Kindle is a must-have devise if you like reading books. I know it is not the same as reading a real book. You can’t feel your finger running through the papers, there is no crisp sound of flipping pages and the feeling of holding a real size book. However, kindle can give you more convenience and practicality. It can store up to hundreds of books. The design is small, light, and thin. Lighter than a phone tablet or iPad, makes it easy to carry it inside your bag. I got no more space on my bookshelf, so this also solves the storage problem. I can still read and not worry about where I should put the book. Another thing is, an e-book is usually cheaper, so you spend less money to read. The battery lasted so long too and my eyes never get tired looking at the screen. Kindle certainly encourages me to read more books in 2020.

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