My Favorite Eye Make Up

Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Eyeshadow Palette

Tarte Tartelette in bloom

The best eyeshadow palette I ever have. I love Tarte eyeshadow so much. I have purchase Tartelette in bloom and Pro to go, and both have amazing quality. Tarte Tartelette in bloom is an amazing product. It has sturdy, pretty, and luxurious-looking packaging. The price is quite expensive but for the quality, I would say it is worth it. The palette consists of 12 colors ranging from black, taupe, brown, pink, white to gold, with 3 shimmery colors. This eyeshadow smells so good like a cupcake frosting scent. There is a mirror inside so you can touch it up on the go. I honestly rarely use the last 3 dark colors, but I still love the palette. It is a very wearable color for every day and for party make-up. I like the golden touch in the packaging. the eyeshadow is easy to blend, smooth, pigmented and buttery, except for the color “activist” that a little bit chalky.  

Tarte Tartelette in bloom
Tarte Tartelette in bloom swatch

UZU by FLOWFUSHI Eye Opening Liner

My favorite eyeliner ever. I purchase this when I was in Japan. There are a lot of colors available to choose from, such as; orange, purple, pink, white, light blue, khaki, burgundy even gray. I like the neutral color like brown and black, I really interested in burgundy too but that time it was sold out. I am not really on fleek on make-up. I like subtle makeup like Korean makeup that looks light and fresh. I don’t do crazy wing liner either.   

Before trying this eyeliner, I hate using eyeliner. I never get it right, it is always messy and not even out. Sometimes it also smudging off during the day. With the FLOWFUSHI Eye-Opening Liner, I find it easier to apply eyeliner. The brush is so thin and precise. The ink is also dispensed in the right amount, you won’t get a missing line in the middle of drawing it, which often happens to me. LOL. I love the packaging too, it is so chic and elegant. The packaging color reflects the actual color of the liner, so you will not get it mixed up with another color.

Stilla Liquid eyeshadow

Meanwhile Stilla liquid eyeshadow is so good. It is pigmented, the color is so pretty, I only need a tinny bit and it covers my eyelid perfectly. It is easy to blend too both with brushes and fingertip. I like using it with my fingertip. This eyeshadow is stand out on its own, I mean I often only use this one eyeshadow my eyelid and the FLOWFUSHI Eye-Opening Liner and I am good to go. This liquid eyeshadow is perfect for lazy makeup day or when you traveling and you don’t want to carry an eyeshadow palette.  

Peach C Falling in Eyeshadow Pallete: Falling in Pink set

Peach C is a Korean brand, the thing I like about Korean eyeshadow is the color is not as intense as western eyeshadow products. There are 3 kinds of eyeshadow palette options and I like pink-toned eyeshadow. There are 2 matte and 2 shimmery eyeshadows. I like the pink shimmer shades the most. you can experiment with the color combinations, the colors compliment each other very well. You can create a romantic and sweet look with this palette, and it is perfect for an everyday makeup look.

Zoeva Caramel Melange Eyeshadow Pallete

 If you like an orange-brown kind of vibe, this Zoeve palette is very suitable. The colors are pigmented and blend in easily. You can create a smokey eye look with this palette. This eyeshadow Pallete is small and travel-friendly, however, there is no mirror in it. The dark matte eyeshadow is especially intense, so you might want to dip your brush lightly to pick up just the right amount of eyeshadow then you can build up slowly. I made mistake and pick up too much eyeshadow and it was a mess.

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