Stop Overthinking

I wanted to start a blog 6 years ago. That time I was thinking, if I am starting a blog what should I write about? Which platform should I choose? What kind of blog do I want to have? How if nobody wants to read it? What if my friends know and making fun of my blog? What if I get bad comments? So many questions going through my mind about “what if” before creating my blog. I was thinking too much. I am worrying too much. Then a year later I finally make my first blog post in December 2016, a very short post.

The next year, after that in 2017, I write only 2 blog posts in a whole year. My son was still 3 years old; I was still staying at home mom at that time. I have the time but I did not write any post on my blog. In 2017, I was thinking “ok, I have a blog. What now?”. I was overthinking again. This time with different things. I was thinking that I have to write blog posts that feature beautiful and aesthetic pictures like most blogs I have seen across the internet. If I don’t have any aesthetic picture, I will not post anything. Because it will look horrible. So, If I am going to write something, it depends on whether I have a nice photo or not. This overthinking is always going in my way, it hinders me from starting something new.

It was wrong of me thinking that way. I mean, having a pretty picture in my blog is great, but it is not the main point of what I am trying to do. I want to share stories too, about traveling, skincare,  parenting, and many other things. If I only focus on beautiful pictures, I might never write a single blog post anymore. Then I am telling myself this has to change.

I started a blog because I love to write and I want to share stories that might help people in some way. I might not be able to present an aesthetic picture all the time, but that should not stop me from writing blog posts.

What if nobody is reading my blog? It is okay, I will keep writing anyway.

What if my friends making fun of my blog? They didn’t, turns out it is just in my negative mind

What kind of blog do I want to have?

For now, I write about anything really. If there is a story or a piece of my mind that I think I need to share, then I will share it. But you will find mostly my posts are about skincare and traveling because I like writing about it. Lately, I add some book reviews and personal finance stuff that I have learned for the past few months. I write what I love, as simple as that. No need to overthinking about it.

Overthinking has been a long-time problem that I should get rid of. It seriously causes a negative impact on your life. It can prevent you to start something new and stop you from improving yourself. Overthinking can influence other parts of your life too. When you want to start a business, instead of doing research on the business and calculating the budget, the first thing that comes up in your mind might be “what if I fail in this business”. It follows with “how if nobody using my product?”, “what if customers hate my product”, “what if the product quality is bad?”. You haven’t started any business, yet you already fear failure.

Failure is normal. What matters is your reaction to it. Would you just give up? or you choose to gather your courage and try again? It is better to have tried something you have been wanting to do then failed rather than never dare to take any action for it. You never know what could have been happened when you actually take action. Even if you failed, take it as an opportunity to upgrade yourself. As for me, I am glad that I choose to create this blog and I would like to thank you for reading my blog 🙂

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