The Face Shop Yehwadam Revitalizing Eye Cream Review

I took this picture outside, what do you think? 😀

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: $64 in amazon, in The face shop official store in Indonesia, it cost around Rp 800.000

Shelf life: 12 months


A luxurious-looking jar that contains 25 ml of product.  


Thick cream

The application:

The eye cream can be used for day and night time

The claim:

Revitalizes the skin around the eyes with a soft texture to minimize the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Formulated with Korean herbs: Safflower from Sancheong (improves skin tone and promotes blood circulation), Ginseng from Punggi (restore youthful skin, some say ginseng is the secret to younger-looking skin) and Goji Berries from Cheongyang (an antioxidant that fights fine lines and wrinkles and fortifies natural resilience of skin, for a radiant and glowing skin).

look at this pretty design

My review:

A few years ago, I have tried this eye cream. It was my mom who actually bought the eye cream, but after some time she gives it to me. My mom does not do skincare religiously as I did, she got bored easily and pass it to me when she does not like it anymore. I am very grateful for it because sometimes I got to try expensive skincare for free. But, it becomes a problem because it turns out the expensive products, she gives to suit me very well. Just like the SKII FTE that my mom gave to me after she uses it a little bit and I love SKII FTE so much. Lol.

This is an expensive eye cream. The price is as pricey as my vitamin C serum or retinol. I don’t usually purchase an eye cream within this price range. With that amount of money, I would rather buy a serum instead. Somehow, when I aimlessly scroll online shopping site, I saw this eye cream and it was on 50% sale! I immediately purchase it.

The first time you will notice this eye cream is the pretty packaging. The design of the eye cream jar is so fancy, sturdy, and elegant. The face shop yehwadam revitalizing eye cream also comes with a spatula.  Additionally, Yehwadam is one of The Face Shop premium line products that offers anti-aging benefits and contain ingredients such as safflower, goji berry, and ginseng. It claims to minimize the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

The face shop yehwadam revitalizing eye cream

This is one of my favorite eye creams that I rarely purchase (due to its price). Since I turn 30-ish, my eye area has become drier. When I was in my 20-ish, I would prefer gel-like texture eye cream that is light and fresh. However, that kind of eye cream does not provide enough moisture to me under the eye anymore so I opt for cream type.  

The face shop yehwadam revitalizing eye cream is thick and has a buttery texture. When you scoop the product out of its jar, it will look like a solid cream that is sticky. Once applied, it will melt into your skin. For my dry under-eye area, it gives the right amount of moisture but is not tacky. You only need a tiny amount of it. The face shop yehwadam revitalizing eye cream might take more time to absorb, but I have no problem with it. It has a faint flowery smell. I use it during the day and night. Even in the morning, it is still comfortable to use. What I love about this eye cream is the shelf life is 12 months, while most eye cream shelf life is usually 6 months. With a pea size use, it can last very long.

The eye cream hydrate my eye area the whole day. Even though it is very rich, the face shop yehwadam revitalizing eye cream does not cause milia on my skin. For dark circles, I don’t really notice the difference. As for its anti-aging claim, on me, it does minimize the appearance of fine lines. I think the face shop yehwadam revitalizing eye cream is suitable more for people with dry eye areas.

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