The key ingredient list:

Shale oil and tea tree oil unclog pores, deeply cleanses and purifies, and clears blemishes and breakouts, for clear skin with refined pores.

Price: 7 ampoule cost Rp 510.000

Purchase on:  Tokopedia or Shopee. For USA it is available on


It comes in 7 glass vials complete with a vial opener


Water like consistency and each vail contain 2 ml of product enough to cover the face, neck, and décolletage

The application:

I put it on the serum slot or right after I do double cleansing on a dry face

The claim:

An active concentrate for problematic, impure skin. Lightweight finish so skin has a refined appearance and clean feel with proven blemish and blackhead reducing results. Targets blackheads and reduces excess oil so complexion is left looking visibly clarified, soothed, and softened. Proven to reduce skin irregularities and blemishes by 21% after 7 days (47% after 28 days) and reduces the number of “blackheads.”

My review:

I have reviewed Babor matte finish ampoule before in this post Babor Matte Finish Ampoule, An Excellent Product For My Oily Skin . I love it so much. I guess once in a while my chin acne just comes back. Yep, I got a breakout on my chin again. It pretty much a similar reason why I decided to buy another Babor ampoule. I think this time is because of my hormone, the period acne. Not only one, but three acnes show up on my chin once after another.

When the first acne already “explodes”, it is not completely healed then another two comes. Story of my life. Lol. I have use acne patches and acne spot gel. None of it works. This time I thought, I should get an ampoule from Babor that specifically targeted breakout. Since the Babor matte finish ampoule is more focused on reducing the appearance of pore size and control excessive shine, I purchase the active purifier ampoule instead.

There are 7 ampoules for 7 days use. It includes the vial opener too. What I notice on Babor active purifier ampoule is the ampoule is waterier than the matte finish ampoule. Babor active purifier ampoule absorb even quicker into skin. The smell of the tea tree is very strong. There is a sense of cooling upon application.

Before start using Babor active purifier ampoule
After 7 days

I expect Babor active purifier ampoule to work more effectively since it is gear towards acne. However, I feel the same effect as the Babor matte finish ampoule. Babor active purifier ampoule helps to regulate oil production on my skin, it also evens out my skin tone. In terms of my chin acne (the main reason why I buy it), it does not get rid of it entirely. When I use it, as you can see in the photo new acne is about to swollen, I thought the ampoule will heal it before it can get bigger.  After 3 days of using, I can see my chin acne calms a little bit, but even after 7 days of using the acne still manage to grow bigger.

I guess the Babor active purifier ampoule help to make it less inflamed and help reduce the redness. Somehow, I think Babor matte finish ampoule does a better job on my skin. Both manage to soothe and calm irritated skin, but for acne, it is not as effective. Both ampoules are amazing in restoring balance on irritated skin. Think of it as a “reset button” for your skin when your skin in a bad condition.

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