Best Books I Have Read In 2021

1.       Letting Go by David R. Hawkins

This book help enlightens my mind. It gives the “chicken soup for my soul” kind of vibe. We experience all kinds of negative emotions, like anger, hate, disappointment, depression. Negative emotions are difficult to deal with. We often don’t know how to face those negative emotions. The only way I know how to deal with it is to either dismiss it or suppress it. Trying to forget it and pretend that it never happens. But the negative emotion does not disappear, it is just hidden inside our minds. Whenever we face a similar situation, the negative emotion will come back right at us and lingers even stronger than before. In this book, I learn that we need to accept negative feelings. Accept that we are angry, accept that we are sad or disappointed. Acknowledge those negative emotions, don’t try to dismiss or suppress them. The writer suggests that when we are sad, angry, jealous, vengeful, disappointed, etc, we must accept and acknowledge that negative emotions exist within us. Allow yourself to feel sad and angry, then slowly let those feelings go.

Interestingly, this book also talks about a way of thinking as the book “The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle “. That we should be the watcher of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions when it happens. Do not try to judge it or change it, see it as it is. Doing so will make you understand yourself better, and let go of your negative emotion faster.

2.       Love the imperfect things by Haemin Sunim

I love Hamin Sunim’s books. I enjoy his first book so much The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down How to Be Calm and Mindful in a Busy World by Haemin Sunim and I am happy to read his second book too. If you look for a soothing book, this book is perfect for you. Life is never perfect, there is always something that does not go the way we wanted. The books talk about learning to accept that forgiving person who has done us wrong is hard, but we must know that forgiveness needs to end for the sake of ourselves, not the person we hate. Seeking enlightenment to find a peaceful state of mind within yourself. Just like the first book, in Love, the imperfect things also contain a lot of wisdom.

3.       Psychology of Money By Morgan Housel

A must-read money mindset type of book. This book talks about there are no wrongs or rights in how someone views money. Whether it’s buying a lottery or investing in the stock market. Everyone treats their money according to the knowledge and experience they have. Buying a lottery might seem crazy and a waste of money to some people, while others who do it think it is a necessary thing to do to reach their dream of financial stability. This book also explains how most people mostly focus on gaining wealth and getting a lot of money but forget to pay attention to how to keep it and stay wealthy. You can check my blog post about it here Book Summary : Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

4.       You are a badass by Jen Sincero

Self-help and motivational type of book you need in your life. The power to change your situation is in your hand. If you currently are feeling disappointed and stuck in work, relationship, family, situation, or whatever it is, believe that you can change your reality. If you always doubt yourself, worry about other people’s opinions,s or are too afraid of making mistakes, this book will help guide you to find your inner badass. Additionally, giving you clues on how to overcome the mental obstacles to reach your goals.

5.       The Mindset by DR Carol S. Dweck

I have written about this book in this post Book Summary : Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. I love the book. I think the basic action you can do to change your life is by changing your mindset. The book tells us that There are two types of mindsets in this book; fixed mindset and growth mindset. A fixed mindset is defined as thinking strictly. On the contrarily, the growth mindset way of thinking is more flexible and adaptable. The wrong mindset could make our life stuck in the same place for years refusing changes, while the growth mindset will help us to alter the outcome of our problems. 

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