Purchasing a Led face mask is a splurge for me. There are many things I have to consider before buying one. It has to be worth every penny I spent on it. Here is what I am looking for in Led face mask:

–          The effectiveness of the product

I want a Led mask that is targeted for acne, skin complexion, and anti-aging effect. Some Led masks have 5 types of lights; some have 3 kinds of light and others have only 1. I have mild acne problems that typically come when I am about to have my period, so I want a Led mask that can help reduce my acne during that time. Since I am in mid 30, I also wanted a Led mask that can boost collagen production of my skin to get anti-aging benefits. I read a few blogs and watch YouTube video to find out which Led mask is effective and have a visible result on the skin.

Customer feedback is very useful to read. I always try to read as many customer reviews as I can from different websites. Including the brand’s website, comments on YouTube, reedit, and some online shopping websites like Sephora. You can get information about the product quality, effectiveness, shipping problems, and how the company responded to the complaints.

–          The price

There are cheaper options of Led mask in the market; however, I am not sure whether it is going to work properly, so I rather spend a little bit more to get a good quality product. I prefer Led light price range between $400 up to $600. Based on a pricier price tag, a Led mask is expected to have the durability that can work properly, seamlessly, and can last for years.

–          The treatment time

An important thing to consider is the duration of led mask usage per session. I prefer Led light that only needs 2 to 3 minutes time each usage. If it takes like 15 minutes to get done, I can’t find time to use it consistently every day.

–          The product warranty

The most Led mask I am interested in is made in the USA or South Korea, therefore I must find out whether the company that produces the Led mask has good customer service if something goes wrong with the device. Additionally, I have to find out how to claim the warranty when the device does not work properly. It rarely happens, but it is important to make sure you pick the right company that will respond to customers’ complain fairly. 

–          The amount of light bulb in the mask

I didn’t know about this before, but apparently, the amount of lights in the Led mask is important. The more lights in the Led mask are better, which means more light coverage for the face during usage.

–          The mask design

I am not really bothered by Led mask design. The most Led mask I have seen looks stiff, scary, and thick. I am more interested in the inside of the Led mask, how comfortable it will feel during 3 minutes of usage. I always lay down when using it anyway; I don’t really have a problem with the exterior design. But of course, if there is a sophisticated led mask, I would be more than happy to own it. 

LED Mask with cable attached to the mask and Hands-Free LED Mask

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