Holiday in Bali with Kids: Create Your Signature Scent

Are you interested in making your own signature scent? Then my day 2 itinerary in Bali may be suitable for you. On the second day of my trip, I went to a place name Republic Soap. I told my son, I wanted to make a DIY perfume. When we were there, he become interested in making one of his own signature scents too. So, we both make one customized scent.         

      The store is a medium size store, with a clean minimalist look. When you enter the store, you will see various kinds of self-care products like bar soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, salt bath, and even hand sanitizer. They got a wide range of bar soap lines up on the side corner. They also got this fresh mint-colored bajaj, that can entertain your kids when you are busy making your customized scent. My son plays with it for a little bit.

              When we came there is not many people there, so we can go straight to making our customized perfume. The is this round table full of essential oil options for you to choose from. They even got several similar essential oils with different smells, like vanilla scent there are options like vanilla and body vanilla.

Place Name: Republic of Soap

Address        : Jl. Gn. Tangkuban Perahu No.305, Padangsambian Klod, Kec. Denpasar Bar., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80361

Note: They closed on Sunday, so come on other days.

Price Range: For perfume size 55 ml around Rp 300.000- Rp400.000, for bubble bath soap is around Rp 200.000

Step one is, that you should have an idea of what kind of scent you want to make, whether you like a fresh early morning laundry smell, a fruity one, a strong kind of smell, or a sweet aroma. It is even better if you can identify specifically the type of scent you like, for example before going there I already decide I wanted something that smell gently sweet but not too sweet like a candy smell. Something like with musk, lily, honey, or jasmine. I also like a fresh scents like orange, lemon, and apple. Meanwhile, my son was planning on making a mix between coffee, dark chocolate, and honey. It seems like he wants to turn a drink into a perfume. lol. But I encourage him to try other scents too.

Even if you don’t know what kind of scent you want to make, the staff will assist you to find the one you like. You can also ask for suggestions from the staff about what is the best scent to be combined together.

Step 2, when you know roughly what scent you want, now you need to find the right essential oils to create it. You will sit by the round table and start choosing which essential oil you want. Take a few bottles that interest you, open the cap, and smell them. To make perfume you can combine 3 to 5 essential oils. The staff will give you white small paper (the one that is usually given as a scent example at perfume stores) to put a drop of essential oil on it. One scent in each paper, so if you choose 4 scents, you will need 4 white paper. After you put one drop of each essential oil, you put it close together and star fan it to your nose to get a glimpse of the scent if it were to combine together. It gives you the idea of how the perfume will turn out when you mix all the scents you choose, before making it into a bottle of perfume.

The failed first attempt

My son is a curious kid, having fun mixing the scents. At first, he was overwhelmed by the many options available on the table. At first, he goes for his initial scent combination between coffee, dark chocolate, and vanilla. But then he said that the scent is too strong for him, and he didn’t like it. So, he starts the new experiment of mixing scents of jasmine, tomato leaf, and lemon. It’s a bit random mix, but at the end, he picks a fresher fruity scent made out of 3 essential oils grape, citrus lily, and orange. I got to say that the combination smells so good. He did an excellent job at it; he is so proud of making his own customized perfume. Next, I create my scent with vanilla, English pear, and white musk. I like the softness and sweetness of the smell.

The 3 scents my son pick

Step 3, you can choose which product you want the scent you making to turn into. The options are perfume, soap, scented candles, bubble bath soap, and diffuser. As for me, I order 2 bottles of perfume and a bottle of bubble bath soap. They offer two sizes of perfume in 35 ml and 55 ml, for the bubble bath soap is only available in 300 ml. Additionally, some essential oil is more expensive than others, such as English pear slightly more expensive than the other oil that I choose for my perfume. It also depends on the percentage of oil used in a product. Of course, using 5 essential oil to make a perfume will be more expensive than using just 3 essential oils. The staff will then give you a label. You can name your perfume whatever you like and then stick the label on your perfume bottle. My son names his perfume “Fruits Over the Ocean”.

The last step is to make payment then just sit, back and relax, wait for about 15 minutes to get your order. You can also look around the store to look at other products in the Republic of Soap. I spend about Rp 851.00 on 2 bottles of perfume and a bottle of bubble bath soap. The price includes the DIY fee of Rp 50.000 for each product, I ordered 3 products so it is Rp 150.000 for all. Other than that, are for the packaging, bottles, glass bottles, and the products. I think it is a fair price for the quality you get. You will be given a card that mentions the essential oil percentage to make your perfume, so next time you can just reorder the same scent again without having to experiment all over again. I and my son really enjoyed this customized perfume-making process. It is fun for both adults and kids. We might come again in the future to make our next signature perfume.

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