Holiday in Bali with Kids: Water Sport

Hello my dear readers, have you read my post: Short Trip To Bali on March 2022? There I talk about my short trip to Bali, and how sad it was to see Bali so empty and many stores closed down. Fast forward now, I come back to Bali for a school holiday with my son. Since the airplane regulation has been less complicated, I decided to take my son on Holiday. If in March I was required to do an Antigen Covid test to be able to board the plane, this time I don’t have to. But, to do so you have to be fully vaccinated and so is the child you go with. My son and I are fully vaccinated, so we can go without bringing covid test results.

I arrived in Bali, and the airport is very busy. Many tourists have come to Bali as well. Both local and international tourists. This time I stayed at the Merusaka hotel in Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua is a more private place for tourists, not very crowded which is why I choose it.

Merusaka is a very nice hotel, I choose a room that is connected to a swimming pool. At the back of the hotel, I can directly go to the beach. The beach is not recommended for sunset viewing though, if you like to see beautiful sunset it is better to watch it from Kuta beach.

This holiday theme for my son and me is adventurous trips. Most of our itinerary is filled with doing fun things like riding a banana boat, donut boat, parasailing, sea walker, and riding ATV. On the first day, we went straight to the water sports place. Most water sports places are located in Tanjung Benoa, the one I choose is @Watersport_hematbali, you can check their IG. I choose it because it’s recommended by a friend and also because they provide extra services like photos and video while doing the water sport.

Water Sport

It is important for you to ask about safety first to the vendor. Make sure it is safe for your kids. Before I pick the activity I wanted, I ask them in particular whether riding a banana boat or a donut boat is safe for my son. Since I have never done it either. As for parasailing, it is totally safe, unless your kids are afraid of heights or the wind blowing too strong. I did it before, so I did not ask about it.

Another note is, to ask your kids whether they are ready to ride the banana boat and donut boat which will speed pretty fast. Make sure your kids understand that they must hold on to the boat during the process, to prevent them from falling out of the boat.

The Donut Boat
The Banana Boat
The Parasailing

As for sea walkers, you will submerge in about 1 to 1,5 meters into the sea. There will be discomfort around the ears, which can potentially make kids panic. Not to mention the helmet you are going to put on while submerging is very heavy, it could cause problems too if your kids are burdened by it. Nevertheless, it will feel less heavy in the water. There will be a diver to accompany you going under the water and make sure everything goes well. Usually, they will tell you about the finger gesture to communicate something while you are in the sea since you can’t really talk. It is key to pay attention to the signs so that if for example, your helmet starts to fill with water or you panic and wants to immediately go up, you can signal the diver. Especially for the kids.

Once I am in the water, they were a lot of fish surrounding me.

The diver give me bread in plastic that have been cut so the bread crumbs will come out of it. The bread is used to attract the fish. It is really nice to see lots of fish around me, although some of the fish bite my hand, it did not hurt at all. Honestly, my son was fine when submerged in the sea. We even take pictures together, but after some time he begins to feel uncomfortable with the pressure, so the diver takes him up first, while I continue walking around a short track while enjoying being surrounded by fish.

Water Sport Budget

 The water sports vendor usually provides an activities package, the one I pick was a banana boat, donut boat, and parasailing. It cost Rp 260.000 for 1 person, so with my son, I spend Rp 520.000. if you don’t want an activities package, you can also pay for each activity you want. Here are the price and duration of activity I choose priced individually:

–          Banana boat Rp 50.000 for 15 minutes

–          Donut boat   Rp 65.000 for 15 minutes

–          Parasailing adventure Rp 190 for 5 minutes  

As for the sea walkers, they cost Rp 250.000 per person. And if you want to have a video and photos of you and your friends under the water while doing the sea walking, you will have to pay an extra charge of Rp 300.000. they will give you the CD with your sea walker photos and videos by the end of your activity. In total, I spend Rp 1.320.000 for all activities for 2 people.


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