Short Trip To Bali

Last month I finally had the opportunity to travel by airplane for the first time since the pandemic. Honestly, I was a bit nervous. Since now traveling has more document such as PCR test result. So I went to Bali for a short work trip. Even though it was a work trip, I was quite excited to visit Bali.   When I arrive in Bali, it was different. The airport is no longer packed full of tourists. The road looks empty and most stores I have seen or visited before the pandemic was closed. The vibe has changed and it saddens me.

                During my stay, I visit a little cafe in Kuta. Since I was staying in a hotel located in Kuta, I figured just find a nice coffee shop to enjoy myself. I decide to visit a cafe named Crumb and Coaster; the place was within walking distance. It is located in what once was a busy shopping alley in the Kuta area, now it is kinda empty because most store around that alley has been closed down.

Crumb and Coaster are in Jl. Benesari No.2E, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung. The place is small but it is cozy and it has a rustic bohemian concept.


I found the place through Google, then I check out their Instagram. I am interested in their coffee and banana bread. So I went there and order exactly that, a cup of hot mocha and banana bread. The place is pretty nice, the coffee was good, the banana bread was vegan and not too sweet.

While I was there enjoying myself, there was a man bringing his cute dog along. So Crumb and Coaster are pet friendly. They have a variety of food on their menu, but I was there to have tea time (but drinking coffee lol), I did not try any other food.

The cute dog was staring at me

               I stop by a souvenir shop, Krisna. Sadly enough, I was the only person who shops there at that time. Usually, that place is always full of tourists buses, always crowded and busy. The next day I enjoy the Kuta sunset from Bali Garden resort restaurant. I only stay for 2 days, did not get to enjoy it much. But I feel refreshed. The weather when I was there was raining, and Bali have a cooler temperature than it normally is.    

The beautiful sunset in Bali

When I think about it, a long time ago whenever I have a holiday in Bali, it is always crowded, so many people around and traffic jams everywhere. I had wished to come when it is not crowded. Now, it hasn’t been crowded for 2 years and it is not fun at all. Most places struggle to survive the financial hardship, to somehow be able to stand again when the pandemic is over and the tourists come back pouring in. The holiday vibe I always feel whenever I visit Bali has turned into a hollow feeling. I really hope Bali will rise and become a fun and lively holiday destination again. 

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  1. great post. thank you for coming to Bali. Today Bali is Busy again, yesterday i went to Canggu to take my guest from airport. traffic in Cangggu especially at noon. I wish you come to BAli again and explore the most popular Bali tourist places.


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