Foreo VS Clarisonic

Clarisonic and foreo are the two cult favorite of skincare enthusiast like me. I currently own 2 cleansing device, clariasonic mia 2 and foreo luna mini 2. Both work well to cleanse my skin, I want to share my two cents of these lovely devices. The different, the pro, the cons and what to consider before choosing one of these cleansing tools.

What to consider before you buy:


  1. The type and The price

Clarisonic has several options like clarisonic mia 1 ($129), clarisonic mia 2 ($169 ) or the newest clarisonic smart profile uplift ($349). So is foreo with their foreo luna 2 ($199), foreo luna mini 2 ($99), or foreo luna ($169). And you should consider your budget before purchasing. That’s what happens when I chose foreo luna mini over foreo luna 2.

At first, I was going for foreo luna 2, but considering I already have clarisonic mia 2 I would rather choose something cheaper.

Now I am thinking to get the clarisonic smart profile uplift, but uhm… it is too pricey so maybe in 2 years. LOL.

  1. The function

I was overwhelmed by the option available. Well, for clarisonic which I purchase 3 years ago it was easier to decide which one to get. But for foreo, it took me a little bit longer. Mainly because there is a lot of option plus their color are so cute. I read the description of the product over and over again and also customer review. It all comes down to foreo luna 2 and foreo mini 2. The foreo luna 2 has more specific brush head for every skin type since I am not sure what might suit me better, I get the foreo mini 2 which is suitable for all skin type.


  1. The maintenance

How to maintain this device after you purchase it is a different problem. All my fellow clarisonic lover should understand what I mean by maintaining your device. Clarisonic brush head needs to be replaced every 3 months for hygiene reason. Yup, you still have to spend money after you buy this tool. And a single brush head cost $27. In a year you will have to spend around $108 just for the brush head. Despite the fact that I need to change the brush head every 3 months, it is very hard to find the brush itself, because clarisonic does not have an official store here in Indonesia. Meanwhile, foreo can be found in Sephora.

My foreo luna mini 2 in fuchsia
The back side of my foreo


Image taken from foreo official web
this image is taken from foreo website


Now let’s do comparisons between   clariasonic mia 2 and foreo luna mini 2

Pro and Cons clariasonic mia 2 foreo luna mini 2


It does cleanse my face thoroughly and deep cleanse my pores It does cleanse my face thoroughly
design Heavier, big and bulky Compact, light and colorful design


Need brush head change every 3 months. No additional brush needed


Not really travel-friendly Travel-friendly
battery Running out battery quicker than foreo, need to charge less than a month.


has its own charger that is longer than the fore charge and you can only charge it directly to electricity plug.


Very durable battery, probably I charge foreo every 3 months


provide short cable data to charge. you can plug it to your phone charger or even your computer.

Acne problem I must say clarisonic did help with my acne problem 3 years ago. It really did a great job at cleaning my pores. Whenever I feel my skin is congested and dirty, I always use clarisonic. It really helps cleanse my skin, but it did not deep cleanse my pores. I started using this when my acne situation gets better, so I cannot say it help my acne but it definitely keeps my skin balanced.
Irritation Even though clarisonic brush head might sometime felt harsh on my face, but I did not get a reaction from using both devices


I did not get a reaction from using both devices
Usage Currently only when I wore makeup or doing an outdoor activity that makes my skin feel congested.

About 2- 3 times at night.

Almost every day, twice a day.

About 5 times a week

Price $169

In rupiah, I bought it for Rp2.400.000


In rupiah, I bought it for Rp2.900.000

Additional brush Lots of brush heads to choose (for acne, sensitive, deep pore, delicate, etc)

Price of a single brush head $27 or Rp300.000


No other brush needed.


Price wise the Clarisonic mia 2 is more expensive than foreo luna mini 2 Both devices has speed options, which you can increase the speed according to your needs. I also used these cleansing tools within 1 minute on my face. Another similarity is clarisonic and foreo will vibrate, make sounds or beeping light every few seconds to reminds you to change area to clean. I do not recommend to use foreo or clarisonic more than 1 minutes. I also use it in my neck for about 15-20 seconds.


Is it worth buying? Yes.

Think of it as an investment for your skin. Cleansing your skin properly is a very important step in your skincare routine. Clean skin will maximize the absorption of your skincare. You don’t need to have both, you can choose according to your own preference. Also, there are some dupes for clarisonic but maybe not as good as clarisonic.


Which one I love more?

As seen in the comparisons above, foreo luna mini 2 has more plus points than clarisonic mia 2. But  I love my clarisonic mia 2 more than foreo, simply because it had helped me with my acne situation. I would buy it again if it is broken.

My Clarisonic Mia 2


Which one you would prefer, clariasonic mia 2 or foreo luna mini 2?

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