The Must Have Lush Mask

Lush is such an interesting natural products brand. Seeing video on how they make their product always so satisfying. Most of lush masks are fresh products. However, their fresh mask has a very short shelf life. Only last around 3 weeks after the production date (correct me if I am wrong). That is such a short time considering I only use it twice a week, So around 6 times use until it expired. Another problem is, lush is not available in Indonesia. If I want to get my hands on lush fresh mask, I have to ask a friend that happens to go abroad and get the mask for me. The time needed to get the mask itself took about 5-7 days. So I have 2 weeks left to use it.

I did try the Lush rosy cheeks face mask. The texture was smooth just like a clay mask. It smells nice and easily spread on my face, but it broke me out. It supposed to soothe and calm skin. Instead, my skin was red and slightly irritated. It didn’t sit well with my skin. In the end, by the time it expired  I still more than half of tube mask left.



The expiry date usually is written on this kind of label. It is written in Japanese obviously, but just by looking at the date, you will know when its gonna expired. But I still want to try lush other masks. So, when I travel to Osaka, I bought 2 lush masks, the famous mask of magnaminty (face and body) and The Cup O’Coffee mask (face and body). Turns out both of these masks are self-preserving, which means they have a longer shelf life for about  4 months. Yeaaay! I got both in small jars.


The Mask of Magnaminty Self-preserving

In Lush store in Japan both magnaminty masks is written the same, so you should ask first which one is the self-preserving one.

I heard so many good reviews over this mask. There are 2 types the mask of magnaminty, the one for oily skin (called the mask of Magnaminty) which has a drier texture and the other one for normal to dry skin which contains honey in it and has creamier texture (called the mask of Magnaminty self-preserving). Both have the same color and they smell incredibly delicious. It smells just like chocolate mint ice cream. I love the scent so much.

I have oily and acne prone skin, but I choose the mask of Magnaminty self-preserving that has honey in it. I use it in between my double cleansing step. Since my skin is oily, whenever I put on clay or exfoliating type of mask, I will wash it with soap so it won’t clog my pores.

After I remove my make up with cleansing balm and rinse it with water, I wipe my face dry with tissue or towel (just pat, don’t rub). Then I put on the mask of magniminty on my face and neck for about 15 to 20 minutes.


The Mask contains honey to help to add moisturize


Spread easily, after 15 minutes the mask will slightly be dried

The texture is gritty, smells heavenly and felt cooling on my skin. This mask helps calm redness, acne, and it also refreshes my skin. It reduced my oil production but also moisturizing at the same time.  I use it 2-3 times a week. If I use it too often it will dry up my skin. I don’t rub this mask on my face tho, because it can make my face red. Just put it on gently and cleaning it up also fuss-free.  My sister also loves this mask and she has dry skin.

It can be used in the morning or night time. But I use it mostly at night time since I don’t have much time in the morning. Sometimes I use it for 2  days in a row when my skin is congested.  I don’t use my BHA or Acid treatment on the same day when I use this mask.

If you are never trying lush mask product before, I think the mask of Magnaminty should be on your top must-have item from Lush.


The Cup O’Coffee

My cup o’coffee mask

The second mask I love is The Cup O’Coffee. Honestly, I get this mask without reading a review about it. I got it just because it has coffee in it and it has a longer shelf life just like The Mask of Magnaminty. I don’t know what to expect. But it turns out I like it more than magnaminty. I have tried the frank body scrub before, but the Cup O’Coffee is way better. It did not break me out either.

The texture of cup o’coffee mask and I use a spatula to scoop the mask. Fyi, this mask does not come with a spatula (in case you are wondering).
the cup o’coffee applied on my face. it has smaller grit than the Magnaminty

I use it the same way as I did with magnaminty and I always wash my face with a face wash after removing the mask. The texture is like small scrub and it is creamier than the magnaminty. The Mask of Magnaminty is more like a big chunk of scrub; meanwhile, the cup o’coffee is like small particles. It smells so good, just felt like putting cappuccino on your face. This coffee mask wakes up my skin; every time I use this mask my face will look brighter and it lasts the whole day. It is good on days when my skin looks dull and tired. It also helps clarify and gently exfoliate my skin. It can feel a bit drying, but you can follow up with toner or essence immediately after washing your face to bring back the moisture.

I use it interchangeably 2-3 times a week with magnaminty so I can finish both within 4 months. The only downside is when removing the mask, it can get messy on the sink, so I suggest you remove the mask in the shower so it won’t get everywhere.


I am interested in trying their don’t look at me mask next time. Which Lush mask would you try?



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