Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

I love face oils. I have tried the Odacite Ro+y, a rosehip ylang-ylang serum concentrate and fell in love with it. It works so well on my skin, so I started to think that my skin loves rosehip oil. Since the Odacite Ro+y is very pricey, it is $45 for 5 ml. Yes, 5 ml only for that price. In Rupiah it cost around nine hundred thousand for 5 ml. It this too expensive that I decided not to repurchase and trying to find a cheaper alternative for that.

I have researched for an affordable rosehip oil, and I finally chose trilogy certified organic rosehip oil. And I have tried this for 6 months.

Unlike the Odacite Ro+y which has a pleasant smell, the trilogy certified organic rosehip oil has a fishy smell similar to Goodness chia seeds oil. I don’t mind a fishy smell as long as the product works on my skin. The smell fades away after application anyway. The texture is a little bit sticky. I need to apply it on my damp face after toner to help it sink into my skin. I cannot use it too much, only 2-3 drops of oil.

After I pat it on my face, I put on a sheet mask for 20 minutes. Then top it off with a light moisturizer.


This rosehip oil is more affordable than Odacite Ro+y, for $29 you will get 20 ml of product. Trilogy also has a bigger size which is 45 ml for $54.

This oil is good for rejuvenating my skin, I will see my skin plumped in the next morning. It looks as if I am well rested. When my skin is dehydrated, I will also use this oil to hydrate my skin.

Trilogy certified organic rosehip oil is easy to find on an online shop.

In 6 months, I only manage to use a quarter of the rosehip oil


Sadly this oil does not work well on me after a few uses. When I use it for 3 days straight, it was too much for me and my skin started to break out. When I only use it for twice a week, it started to get better. The thing is, the product shelf life is only 6 months after opening, which makes using it for only twice a week is a waste. By the sixth month, I still have so much product left and it is already expired.

The rosehip oil color is yellow

For me there no result on reducing PIH on my face. I also notice that on me, this rosehip oil is not compatible with ingredients like ginseng, because when I tried to combine it with my sulwhasoo sleeping mask, I have acne on my chin the next morning.

The packaging is made of a glass bottle, so you need to be careful when taking it for traveling.

I only use it at night time. Because my skin is oily, when I use it I will combine it with a light moisturizer like the clinique moisture surge. If I combine it with my Blossom jeju camellia soombi moisturizer, it will end up felt too rich and thick on my face. I will not repurchase the Trilogy certified organic rosehip oil. Instead, I will go back to my favorite Goodness chia seeds oil.

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