My 2019 Goals

I know it is a bit late for New Year resolution, I had never written any New Year resolution anyway. Last year I spend mostly for healing myself from negativity and sadness. But now I am moving forward.  I will try to be a better version of myself and try to improve my life in every aspect. I have the time, the ability and the drive. These goals are the main focus for my 2019;

  1. Read books

I used to love books. When I was in high school I can finish reading a thick Harry Poter book in a week. All of that “chicken soup for the soul” books, comic books, and novels. But then I stop reading books. I busy with other stuff. This year I want to start that habit again, I regret those years I spent without reading a single book. And I want to have a target of reading at least 2 books within a month. This January 2019, by the time I write this blog post, I already finish reading 3 books.  I am not bragging or anything, I just want to keep motivating myself to stick with this target throughout this year.

  1. Learn a new skill and attend more workshop or seminar

I want to invest in myself this year by learning new things. I think it is important for us to experience new things if we have spare time. Even if you have a busy life, if you truly wanted, you will make the time to invest in yourself. It does not have to be things to do with your job. It can be your hobby, or simply something that you enjoy doing and make you happy. Currently, I am interested in learning about investment, entrepreneurship, managing personal finance and digital marketing. I also want to learn about things like skincare DIY workshop or learn how to brew coffee class. Why skincare and coffee workshop? Simply because I love skincare and coffee, and it is fun for me.

  1. Control my spending habit

I love shopping, whether it is online shopping or offline shopping, I love it all. Actually, I do online shopping more. In a week there is always a shopping package arrive at home.  It is very hard to fight the temptation of spending money, especially if there are discount offers. I am only human, and I love discount prices. LOL. Even if I don’t need to buy the thing, if it is on discount then I will buy it. Bad habit, I know. That is why I want to get rid of this habit. I need to think twice before I buy something;

“do I really need this?” ,

“will I still wanted tomorrow?”,

“is it worth the money?”

“is there another thing similar to this at home?”.

Have I succeeded yet? Nope, I still am trying. I need to push myself to progress better. Also, l read this book about minimalism living that inspires me to purchase less stuff in order to minimize the stuff piled up in my house.

  1. Investing

This year I really should start investing my money for future sake. I am on my way to get rid of my spending habit. I realize now, no matter how big or small your income is, if you can’t manage your money, you can never have enough saving for the future.  I honestly do not know what to choose on how I should Investing my money in. This is also the reason why I think I need to gain knowledge of financial planning so that I can manage my personal financial situation and start saving more money.

  1. Building muscle and Change into a healthier diet

I always love exercising. I mostly do cardio exercises such as zumba, aerobic, body combat or muay thai. I try to do a heavy cardio class at least once a week. This year I want to step up my game by trying to building muscle by doing weight training. Not a heavy stuff that you imagine. I am not aiming for an overly muscular body; I just want to be more toned. I try to do 10 minutes abs workout 4 times a week every day before I go to work. I have been doing it for the past 6 months, and my abs are not six-pack of course, but it has now become flatter. LOL.

I wanted to slightly change my diet. FYI, I am not dieting. I know some people say that I already skinny, so why I have to diet? What I mean by diet is I will reduce my sugar intake. I have a sweet tooth; I really like cakes, chocolates, pudding, cheesecake, macaroon, ice cream, and all sweet foods. But as you know, too much sugar is bad for your health. So this year, I am going to restrain myself from sweet food heaven.

Tell me, what are your big plans for 2019?

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