Recent Skincare Habit


Having horrible acne history in the past makes me wants to constantly maintain my skin health. With the right product and trial-error process my face getting better than before. I constantly adjust my skincare routine and seek new ways to progress even more. So I start this new skincare related habit that helps enhance my skin texture and appearance:


  1. Reapply Sunscreen on Face And Body

I am obsessed with sunscreen. I wear it every single day, whether it is on a sunny day or a cloudy day. Even if I am not going anywhere and just stayed at home. Is it too much? Of course not, if I am comfortable doing it then it’s ok. I begin to apply sunscreen every day on my body also, but only my body part that got exposed to the sun like my hand and feet. I find it beneficial for me to wear sunscreen on my body, because with constant use so far, my skin looks brighter (not whiter).

I do not skip wearing sunscreen on my ears, the back of my neck and eyelids anymore, this is also important as skin in that area will age too. I also am trying to reapply sunscreen on my face in the middle of the day. I still forget sometimes. I usually reapply with liquid sunscreen or spray sunscreen. It is easier wearing spray sunscreen, because it is hygienic, faster, does not disrupt my makeup. However, the downside is, it can be uneven application and too oily if applied too much. I do not reapply sunscreen on my body during the day though unless I am at the beach or outdoor for a long time.

The advantage of reapplying sunscreen I have seen so far is my skin heals faster after laser treatment or PRP treatment, my PIH vanishes quicker and my complexion slowly looks brighter.


  1. Wear Less Foundation

I used to wear foundation whenever I go to work because I was insecure about how my skin looks like with huge pores, uneven skin tone, and post-acne hyperpigmentation. I like wearing makeup. Nowadays, I try not to wear foundation every day, in fact, I only wear foundation when I have a special occasion. Wearing foundation everyday clogged my pores and breaks me out. I want to let my skin to breathe without concealing it with makeup. I still wear makeup every day; I just remove the foundation from my makeup routine. I apply blush, bronzer, and powder directly on my skin and use sunscreen as a primer.


My skin is getting better now, even if I have the occasional breakout, I didn’t cover it with foundation because it will only make it worse. If you like wearing foundation, its ok too, you do you. For my skin, it is better to wear less of it, as it also saves more time in the morning before I go to work. My skin feels lighter and I don’t have to worry about my foundation wearing off in the middle of the day.


  1. Simplify My Skincare Product

Last year I am so into 10 step skincare routine. I wanted to buy every new product coming out of South Korea. Read a lot of reviews, purchase new products every month and pile up skincare in my drawer. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying out new skincare. But I just can’t keep up with the trend. As much as I want to try everything out there, my skin hates it when I keep testing out new products every week. Not to mention, if a product does not work on me, my skin gets irritated or break out. It can take about 2 weeks to normalize my skin, sometimes a month if a product irritated my skin badly.

I am taking a step back, and prevent myself from buying new skincare for a few months now. I need to use the one I already bought and piled up in my drawer. I am not gonna try the new product so often anymore, maybe once or twice in a month.

I also will try a more affordable skincare product. I am trying to find dupes for my favorite but expensive serums. Mostly, affordable skincare alternative I find is toner, face wash, and cleansing oil. For serum, it is harder to find, because, well serums are expensive because it does work wonders. I tried to replace my beloved Kypris Clearing Serum for acne with other product and failed. Instead of getting rid of acne, I had a few zits pop out on my chin. But yeah, the search continues.


  1. Get Enough sleep

I feel funny saying this, but at this age (I am not that old, LOL) lacking sleep really take a toll on my skin. I thought I can still sleep at 2 am and get away with it. Reality is, every time I sleep less than 6 hours, I will look 5 years older in the next morning. LOL. Has anyone experienced this too? Enough sleep will definitely reflect on your overall skin health, so stop staying up so late unless it’s really necessary.


  1. Apply eye cream twice a day

Eyes are the most obvious part of the face that reflects your age. I am in my 30, I start seeing crow feet appear in the corner of my eyes. I used to apply eye cream only in the night time before bedtime. Currently, I apply eye cream in the morning and night time to keep my eye area moisturizes and firm. I prefer anti-aging eye cream than brightening eye cream. I don’t really have a problem with dark circle unless I don’t sleep properly. My favorite eye cream is the Bloosom Jeju Pink Camellia Soombi Blooming eye gel cream.


  1. Trying Out PRP And Laser Treatment

One of the biggest leaps I take in skincare game is trying out laser treatment and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). Large pores and acne scar has been haunted me for so long. I used to have a serious cystic acne problem all over my face; it was red, huge and hurts. It was in my teenage year up until I am around 28 years old. On my face, there was a lot of deep acne scars, mostly ice pick and boxy scars. My skincare routine helps me a lot in clearing my acne, but not with those scars.


I research and read a lot about how to effectively get rid of acne scars. Then I come across Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment. So I was seriously thinking of doing PRP. I was a little bit scared because PRP involves needle and blood. I gather up my courage and just went for it. I am glad that I did because it really works. I might write about it in a different blog post.


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