Winter Necessities For Kids

I almost always choose holiday destination in winter, spring or fall season,  because when you live in a humid and hot country for years like me, you will crave for cool weather. So from hot places that range 32 to 38-degree Celsius to cold places that have a temperature between 3 to 10-degree Celsius, I need to prepare cold-weather gear. Especially for my son, since kids are more fragile to weather changes. When I was in Sapporo it was 2 to 10-degree Celsius. In order to travel happily and healthy, these are the things I must bring for my son.

  1. Hoodies and Jackets

I always bring two jackets for my son, the lighter one and the thick one. So when the weather is too cold he can wear a thick jacket and when the weather is just cool and breezy, he can wear the lighter one. On my trip to Sapporo, I bring a leather jacket and winter jacket that has fury layers inside.

I prefer bringing a hoodie for my son, it is warm and comfortable. It can also pair well with a coat and jacket. For kids, Hoodie from H&M is a good option. The H&M hoodie usually has soft but thick materials. If you are looking for long john, Uniqlo offers a pretty good range of products with heat technology, such as long john, turtle neck, t-shirt, and sweater.

Actually, I prefer bringing an ultralight down jacket for kids like the one that I have (the above picture), unfortunately, I have not been able to find it in Uniqlo. It was sold out at that time. It will be more convenient to bring ultralight down jacket as it warmer, can be folded smaller and so light.

  1. Socks and Warm Pajama

Socks are a must in the wintertime, whether it is to wear before putting on shoes or wear it to sleep if you got cold feet. My son needed a pair of socks on the go and for sleeping in this kind of weather. I opt for 3 pairs of warm pajamas for 2 weeks holiday. I choose pajamas that made from fleece or thick cotton. If it is not warm enough I put a jacket on top of my son’s pajamas.

  1. Warm Pants
Uniqlo Fleece Pants for kids
Uniqlo Fleece Pants for kids
Uniqlo fuzzy Pants for kids
Uniqlo furry Pants for kids

For pants, I choose the one that has a fleece layer inside it or furry one. The fleece is warmer than the furry pants. I got these pants from Uniqlo and it cost around Rp 300.000. I bring 2 warm pants which can be worn for daily and sleep, I also bring jeans and chino pants for warmer days.

  1. Japanese Heat Packs

When it is extremely cold, even a 3 layer of clothing is still not enough. Like on a day where I supposed to go to LAKE TOYA but it was raining the whole day. It was so cold that my hands are freezing and taking pictures seems so difficult. That is when I need a heat pack. Ever since I use it last year, a heat patch becomes one of a must item to bring on a winter holiday.


Heat packs are a self-heating pack that you stick on your clothing, in a few minutes the pack will start heat up. The heat pack will added warmth on your clothing, I usually stick it on my jacket or sweater, and stick it inside my jacket pocket to keep my hands warm.

The heat pack is one-time use only, once you stick it, it will last about 8 to 12 hours. The sticky heat packs come in different sizes. But do not stick the heat packs directly on your skin as it might irritate your skin. There are other types of Japanese heat packs, such as the non-sticky pocket heat pack that is to keep your hands warm and heat pack for feet. Heat Packs are easily found in Japan in drugstores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi or Don Quijote.

  1. Boots


If you are planning to a snow resort or play on a snowfield, then I suggest you bring along boots. Boots are stylish and useful in snow. My son loves to wear boots, he feels like a fire-fighter he said. LOL. I also bring along my boots to match my son’s boots.

  1. Medicine, Water Bottle and Milk Powder

img_2569Medicine is important every time I travel; especially if your kids have a certain condition or illness. Since cold weather typically brings illness like sore throat, flu, cough or fever. I bring standard medicine just in case, those medicines such as fever medicine, cough and flu medicine, allergy medicine and vitamin.

A water bottle is to measure how much my son drinks in a day. It is necessary to stay hydrated even in cold weather, sometimes when it is cool and breezy we forgot to drink and the lack of water can lead to sore throat (at least for me). Drinking milk also helps adds up the water intake. And lastly, do not forget to bring wet tissue as kids always make a mess.

Kids are more sensitive toward the weather changes, therefore we need to make sure thay are warm enough during the winter travel. The only thing I am too lazy to bring an umbrella. Just buy umbrella when you are there, no need to fill up your suitcase with an umbrella.

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