Skincare For Back Acne

Have you ever experience back acne? I have for years now. My back acne is getting better over the years but it is still there and the acne scars never really fade. The thing about back acne is, I cannot look at it properly, I can feel it in some area on my back that is not reachable by hand, but it is inflamed and red. I am not going to post my back acne. Instead, I am going to share about how I treat my back acne to make it much better than it was before. Unlike my face that has fewer acne scar, my back still has a lot of hyperpigmentation, so many dark spots here and there.

The cause of back acne

I think back in the day my back acne is caused by:

  • Wearing clothes that are not absorbing sweat
  • Not changing my workout outfit immediately after I am done exercising
  • Using body wash that is too moisturizing
  • Due to hot weather makes my back area humid
  • Dead skin piling up
  • Using new shampoo or conditioner

I never really pay attention to my back acne, since it is difficult to reach and I never wear back-revealing clothes. The thing is, even though I did not wear a sexy backless top, I still wanted my back to be acne free. I notice on a day when it is super hot and humid, my back acne will show up more. When I sit down and lean back to the chair, sofa or whatever it is, my inflamed back acne will feel painful.

So I started to look for back acne treatment from the doctor. There is a chemical peeling for acne and it does help a lot in eliminating acne on my back, but it is quite a price since the back area is much wider than the face area. The chemical peeling is supposed to be done once a month until my back is smooth and spotless, but it can take up to 10 times treatment which is too expensive for me. I have done 3 chemical peelings in the clinic then stop. The first 2 months were okay, but after that, it is started to appear again.

This time I notice, I tried a new shampoo and conditioner and within a couple of days small but painful acne show up on my back. When I stop using the conditioner, it gets better but it is still there. Then I decided to try my new acne serum, I open it for the first time and using it not on my face first LOL.

The Product I use:

ISOI Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum ii


Isoi blemish care serum II
Isoi blemish care serum II

I purchased this serum to replace my Kypris clearing serum to tackle my acne problem. I wanted a cheaper yet effective serum as the replacement. The serum is a light transparent gel texture. I put it straight to the acne area after the evening shower. I wait until my skin dries down. The serum is very fast to absorb.

The serum is very good in calming my back acne, after a week using it my back acne flattened. I am happy I got to lean back anywhere without being annoyed by my back acne. After the back acne is gone, I did not continue applying the serum on my back. By the way, the serum works well too if you have chest acne too.


The Back acne soap from japan


In terms of body soap, I much prefer an affordable everyday use kind of soap, not a fancy $30 a bottle kind of body wash. With back acne I should use somewhat antibacterial soap, the problem is antibacterial soap can be too drying. So you need to use it interchangeably with regular body wash.

I purchase it when I was in Japan. The soap size is pretty big and it contains charcoal which is good for acne. I don’t really like soap in a bar soap form, I prefer liquid one but since it is only available in bar soap foam I don’t really have a choice.

If you find it difficult to reach your back, use shower puff then rub it off onto the charcoal soap until it is foam up. This soap helps to prevent back acne. However, you can only purchase it in Japan. Therefore, if you could not find this soap, antibacterial body wash is just as good as the charcoal soap.


Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling  Lemon

I have talked about how to maximize the skincare product that did not work on your skin in this blog post. Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon is one of the fail products for my face. So I was thinking, could this perhaps work better on my back acne? I like to experiment with my skincare and do it anyway. I took one peeling pad and started to rub it on my back (if you want to be thorough ask someone do it for you). First I rub it using the rough surface on the peeling pad then continue it with the smooth surface. I use the peeling pad leftover on my chest and elbow.

I think my acne also because of dead skin cells that pile up which need an exfoliation treatment. Just like the chemical peeling, I did in the doctor’s clinic. I use the peeling pad 3 times a week in the evening before starting to shower and after a shower, I follow up with ISOI Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum ii if I have active acne. It is been a month now, and my back acne is a lot better.

Besides Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon, I use a scrub once a week to help smooth the gritty texture of my back skin.

Just like the acne on the face, the acne on the back also needs a special treatment. If you want a faster way to deal with it, you can choose to do chemical peeling with a reliable doctor. Additionally, some dermatologist also provides laser treatment for the back area to diminish PIH and PIE on your back. The downside is it costs a lot of money, but if you have money why not right? Or you could do an experiment using different products that work on your face to your back. Additionally, I recently started to moisturize my chest with toner and moisturizer. So, when I apply my skincare, as usual, I took it down to my chest and surprisingly my chest ni is getting better. I did not do the same thing to my backne. I am still happy to see my chest acne reduced. I guess it needed to be treated the same way as my face does.



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