Trying Something New

Hey my dear readers,

How are you? Are you still stay at home or you already out and about during this pandemic situation? As for me, the situation is not really better, but some shops start to open. The Malls are open but people here are still holding back from going to public places. So do I. I am back to work but just like some offices, there are on and off system. So, I come to the office 3 times a week and beside that I would work from home. But it is still home to office routine, no social gathering yet. I still post blog post once a week.

Lately, I pick up a new thing to learn. I learn food photography. I quite like it. I know nothing about photography. You know the term like “ISO”, “aperture”, “shutter speed” and so on. So I took an basic online food photography.

It is quite interesting, because usually when I joined an online class, I usually watching it and write down all the important things the speaker says. This food photography class started by joining a whatsapp group and they give a brief explanation about food photography then they give homework to everyone in the online class to do a photo shoot with a different theme. I got a vertical food photography theme. They give an explanation and a sample photo to give more understanding of the theme. Here are my first food photography pictures (I took a bunch of pictures, these two are the best out of all).

Vertical Theme food photography where you took the picture vertically
Trying out different placement of the photo properties

The next food photo shoot experiment, I took a more clean pictures with minimal props

Less object behind the food, to emphasize the bitterballen in this photo

Food photography is quite complicated yet so interesting. The goal here is to make the food look more desirable in the picture. There are a lot type of angle of taking picture like; 45 degree angel, vertical angle, flat lay or eagle eye angle. The combination of photo properties involve in a single frame and the placement of the food. The difficult one I think is when you want to take pictures of drink splashing, you know those photo when you drop ice cube into a glass of drink and trying to capture that fast moment of drink splashing everywhere.

The fact that food styling play an important role in a photo shoot, amaze me. I can’t do it just yet, maybe someday I can. I am going to start small, using the things that are available around the house first then collecting photo properties little by little. My pictures are still not that good I know, I am doing it as a hobby, so there is no need to pressure myself to create masterpiece, LOL.

I like to learn new things and now I have extra time, so why not right? I know my pictures in this blog are not the best, hopefully I can improve that too. I will explore more about this food photography thing and hopefully it can be use in other kind of photography beside food. Anyway, have you try new things these days? It is okay if you haven’t, we all try to cope with this situation differently. Thanks for reading 😊

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