Lip Care Review



Nivea Deep Moisture Lip Balm

Color: No

Scent: The honey-sweet smell

Recommended: Yes

Where to buy: any drugstore in Japan

I found this lip balm when I was in Japan. It was winter, my lips were super dry and chapped. I went to the drugstore and saw this lip balm with SPF. It has a small and slim packaging that I like. It glides on smoothly on the lip, giving my lip protection from the sun. Nivea deep moisture lip balm has 3 flavors but I prefer the honey flavor and the macadamia flavor. Both lip balm has a sweet smell that I like, especially the sweet honey smell. Nivea deep moisture lip balm moisturizes my lips properly, it did not get flakey after few hours. It does help during harsh winter weather. The Nivea deep moisture lip balm does not have any color, it goes on transparent. I also use it during night time. The price is also affordable around 400 yen or Rp 55.000, but only when you purchase it in Japan. Outside Japan, the price will be double. That is why I will stock up when in Japan.


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and Laneige Lip Lip Glowy Balm


Color: No

Scent: berry fruity smell

Recommended: Yes

Where to buy: , metro, and sogo.

My favorite lip treatment product. It is so buttery, glides on perfectly on my lips. I have purchased Laneige Lip sleeping mask in the big size, it lasts for a long time. Laneige Lip sleeping mask gives my lips extra moisture without feeling thick and oily. I also like it comes with a spatula. You only need a tinny bit of product every night, well you can also use it in the morning. Even when I use it daily, I did not finish the entire product. I am sad I have to throw it away even though there is still half a jar of product left, but it has been a year and I can’t use it anymore. That is why I prefer Laneige Lip sleeping mask in a smaller size like this, so I do not have to waste my product. Nevertheless, I really love the product, it makes my lips soft and the smell is amazing.

Laneige Lip glowy balm is like a tube version of the sleeping mask. However, it is not as moisturizing as Laneige Lip sleeping mask itself. I like the slanted applicator of the balm. If you have chapped lips, I don’t think this will help much. It is good for daily lip care but not for treating a chapped lip.


Carmex Classic Lip Balm Medicated

Color: No

Scent: cherry smell

Recommended: No

Where to buy: Tokopedia or shopee

The lip balm has a pretty strong smell. The product is gel-like consistency. I do not really enjoy this lip balm. For me, it feels too oily and after a while it became flakey. Carmex classic lip balm is not moisturizing enough. It dries down after an hour and left my lips feeling dry. If I reapply the lip balm, it feels like a layer that just sits on my lip and eventually peels off.


Evete Chocolate Lip Mask


Color: No

Scent: minty chocolate

Recommended: Yes

Where to buy:

I love good quality and affordable lip mask made locally in Indonesia. I love that the product actually working and doing a great job at moisturizing my lips. It certainly helps when my lips are dry or chapped. It works as an overnight treatment. It has a delicious chocolate mint smell and cooling upon application. The texture is buttery and soft. Compare to prefer Laneige Lip sleeping mask, the texture is not as smooth as the Laneige one, but it gets the job done as well as Laneige Lip sleeping mask. I can apply it thickly and still feel comfortable.


Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm


Color: Yes

Scent: fruity scent

Recommended: Yes

Where to buy: Watson

Last but not least, my favorite Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm. I never mention this but, I am a fan of BTS. I purchase this lip balm because I saw them wearing it multiple times. LOL. To be honest they have prettier lips than I am, especially Jin and Jimin. I bought the lip balm in Cherry and watermelon, and it smells like Cherry and watermelon. The cherry one has a sheer deep red color upon application, the color gives you the “I just have cherry popsicle” kind of look. Giving you a naturally juicy lip. The watermelon one has a sheer pink color, it’s a bit faint compare to the cherry one. Giving you a tint of color on the lips.

Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm has a glittery particle in it, but you will not notice it at all upon application. The lip balm is comfortable to use, glides on smoothly, does not flake off. It moisturizes well. The only thing I do not like is the color does not last long (of course since it is not a lipstick). It does not leave a stain after it wears off. I do like to reapply it over and over again. I like the Cherry lip balm the most, the red tint color is just so pretty. Actually, you can build up the color, but it won’t last long. The only problem is, the cherry lip balm is very hard to find in Jakarta. I only find the watermelon one in Watson. I purchase the cherry lip balm in Singapore.

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