Update on PRP Treatment

I try the PRP treatment again after months. It is a pricey treatment that I cannot do monthly, but it is worth it. I come back to the same place as before to get PRP treatment. This time they change the treatment slightly. The tools they use have shifted from derma roller to a derma pen and they add an additional step of micro-needling with another type of needle. After the derma pen session is done, the doctor is using another device with another needle type that is connected to a small tube of the plasma and targets it to a certain area on the face. This step is to make sure the plasma penetrates deeper into the skin layers.

The process is pretty much similar to putting on a numb cream before doing the PRP treatment. The difference is previously when the doctor uses the derma roller on my face to create a wound, and it is bleeding, the nurse will wipe out the blood. This time they did not wipe it at all and they apply my blood plasma on top of it. Unlike before, I went home with a literally bloody face. It was so red. I was so shocked to see it in the mirror when the PRP treatment is done.

Here are my progress from the first day of treatment until a week afterward.

Day 1

I look pretty scary 2 hours after treatment, well I am not supposed to clean my face for around 6 hours. It was so sore. The funny thing is, when I got home and my son saw me, he was running away from me. He said I look terrifying, then suggest me to cover my face with a mask so that he will not be scared anymore.

Day 2

Day 3

The next day and the third day after treatment, my face still looks so red, especially in my cheeks and nose. It is actually redder than the picture. It also feels dry and a little bit itchy.

Day 4

In Day 4, the redness is mostly gone, my skin is not itchy anymore. However, my skin starting to peel a little bit. You cannot really see it in this picture. By the fourth day, I still cannot use any skincare routine besides an anti-irritation cream from the doctor and of course sunscreen. After a PRP Treatment, your skin is basically is still wounded so wearing a sunscreen is a must to protect your skin.

1 week after

The Treatment price for face and neck: Rp 2.500.000

This time I took a combo package of PRP treatment for face and neck. It was the first time my neck got a PRP treatment. The neck part is not as red as the face, it is only slightly red compare do the face and it is not as bloody. The immediate feel after PRP treatment was my face feels very tight as if it is being pulled by something. This time is more painful than before, I could not stand it when the needle jab into my cheeks. The doctor rolled the derma pen more on the area where my boxy scares are located, which is on my left cheeks. It is to create a deeper wound so when it started to heal, my skin surface on that part will be lifted.

As for my neck, it looks as if nothing has been done on it. As you can see from the pictures above my neck is back to normal just like that.

The result I got is amazing, my boxy scares have been lifted, and the skin surface appears to be flattened. Not entirely perfect yet, and I need to do more PRP treatment to make it completely healed. For the neck part, I have not seen any improvement yet. I was expecting a lifting effect on my neck, but I did not notice anything different. I am not sure whether I would take the combo PRP treatment again, perhaps I will take the face only treatment. The doctor suggest me to do it once a month, but I do not think it is possible, this time I honestly a little bit traumatized with the new version of this PRP treatment due to the pain I go through.

One week after the treatment, my skin started to come back to normal. I am able to do my skincare routine as usual. During the healing time, I switch my usual sunscreen to a moisturizing sunscreen. In a normal condition, I hate moisturizing sunscreen because it made my oily skin look even oilier. Since I cannot use my moisturizer for a week after PRP treatment, a moisturizing sunscreen really helps to replace my moisturizer and protect my skin at the same time. I do not like the oily look when I use moisturizing sunscreen, but it is the best thing I can do for my wounded skin. There you go, here is my PRP update for now. Tell me, are you interested to try it?

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