Duvaderm MLM (MolecularShield Mist)

The Ingredient list:

Water, pentylene glycol, glycerin, marrubium vulgare extract, hexamidine disethionate.

Price: 325.000

Purchase on: Tokopedia, Shopee or beningbersinar.com


It comes in 90 ml spray bottle


Watery mist

The application:

I put it on after I am done with all my skincare routine and reapply when I go out with a mask on

My Review:

Another product from Duvaderm, this one is a pretty unique product. One of the skin problem during this pandemic time is maskne. Yes, maskne is acne that causes by the long period of time of using a mask on our face to protect ourselves from covid-19 virus exposure. Besides having an uncomfortable way to breathe, wearing masks for long hours creates humidity in our face area that is covered by mask. It can lead to a breakout on that mask area.

This is where this product comes in handy. It is claimed to be the “sanitizer for your face”. Not to protect you from covid-19, but to protect your skin from maskne. It helps to prevent acne builds up on your skin when your face is covered by a mask.

This mist does not feel stick or overly hydrating. It absorbs well on the skin and it does not have a particular smell. I use it during the day when I have to wear masks for a long time. I spray it after I put on my sunscreen and spray it again during the day, when I am in the car or when I arrive at home. Wait until it dries down then wear your mask again.

I must say I experience less irritation on my skin after I use this during the day. and this product slightly helps soothing existing acne. I combine this and Duvaderm acne shoot by using the Duvaderm MLM mist (focusing on the pimple area) then at night I use Duvaderm acne shoot as a spot treatment. This combo helps to heal the breakout faster.

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