Using Skincare Product Consistently

Nowadays the skincare market has expanded immensely. There are tons of great skincare brands to choose from South Korea, the USA, Australia, even Europe. New skincare exciting skincare ingredients and cutting-edge technology in skincare products. It offers various benefits from diminishing fine line, calming, soothing, and get rid of blemish on your skin. Additionally, the packaging of skin care products often too cute to resist, especially skincare products from South Korea. Even if you do not need the product, but when you see the cute packaging, you can’t help but purchase it. I am guilty of that too :p

I was that girl that always intrigued by new skincare products and make-up. I used to have tons of lipstick, around 40-ish maybe, and most of the lipsticks I own has a similar shade. But trust me it’s not that similar, LOL. Anyway, I am do not have that much anymore. Most of the lipstick expired before I can use it all up. And I stop purchasing so many lipstick. I still buy lipstick of course but not as many as before. I even get rid of my acrylic lipstick storage to prevent me from stacking up a new lipstick. Currently, I probably just own about 10 lipsticks.

The same thing happens to with my skincare products. I love skincare more than makeup. So, I tend to hoard more skincare products more than makeup. Well, in make-up I pile up on lipstick and eyeshadows. In skincare, I love trying new serums. Around last year I realize that I hoard too much skincare when I cannot store them anymore in my drawer or closet because it is already full of new skincare products. Another thing is when I want to organize my new unopened skincare, I saw a few of them already passed the expiration date and those expired products are not cheap. My heart sank.

I see not a very good impact on my skin from trying out new products to often. Because I have so many new skincare products which I have to try to use it before it expired, I try new products so often. That time I try 1-3 products in a week and my skin is not happy about it. It started to break out. I can’t figure out which product irritates my skin. There are times when I try a few new skincare products and none of the new skincare products suitable for my skin. I was so upset, why isn’t any new one work on my face. After a while I notice, it is because I am using new skincare too often. I did not give enough time to test a new skincare product to see the result on my skin and keep trying out a new one.  

Even when I find the product that suitable for me, I was thinking “wow this is a good one, let me try the X serum next, it could work better than this one”. Instead of repurchase the skincare products that work well on my skin, I keep looking for a better one. The next best new skincare. As a result, my skin was constantly getting redness and irritated instead of healthy-looking skin.

When a new skincare product cause blemish on my skin, it takes a longer time to recover it. I use the new one for example 3 times and it broke me out. It can take up to 2-3 weeks for my skin to go back to its normal condition. And in that time frame, I cannot try any new product. I am now more consistent in using my current holy grail skincare, the products that already proven to benefit my skin. Instead of jump on the newest product all the time or change to a new skincare routine every week.

One other thing that might help is to apply the one in one out rule. When you want to buy 1 new skincare product, you finish up 1 of the skincare you currently using. Something like “I must finish up this serum before I buy a new serum from other brands”.  Buy the skincare product that you need, not only because of the cute packaging or it is currently at a discount. It is better to stock up on the skincare products you actually use and already work well on your skin rather than pile up so many new skincare that you might forget that you own them or when you find it, it’s already expired.

Being more mindful of using skincare products makes my skin healthier. I am no longer have trouble finding a place to store my skincare, I do not hoard skincare until they expired anymore. It saves money too since I cut down my budget on skincare impulse buying.

Always buying new skincare productUsing skincare consistently
potentially irritate the skin maximize the existing product benefit on the skin
running out space to store skincarehave enough space to keep skincare products
not paying attention on expiry datemore aware of the product expiry date
wastefulsaving money
cannot determined which product causing break out on the skinknowing which product changing and find the cause of the break out

Lastly, I am not saying trying out the newest skincare product is bad. In fact, by trying out new skincare products you have a chance to discover amazing products that potentially works wonders on your skin. I am still buying new skincare too, just not overly hoard a ton of skincare products and end up tossing it out because it is expired. And your skin will do much better with more consistent use. After all, skincare is about trial and error process 🙂

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