Chin Acne

If there is one area on my face that always break out at the same spot it would be my chin. My chin is prone to breakout and it is usually a large, painful and red type of acne. The most annoying thing is the PIH took forever to be gone. Sometimes there 2 acne grow side by side or 1 big acne with 3 whiteheads. Sometimes the acne is just big and painful then it did not appear on the skin or have a white head, it just stays under the skin. I experienced this annoying type of chin acne. Not to mention, when one chin acne is gone the next month another acne shows up in the exact same place. UUgghhh.


Some of the cause of this chin acne are:

  • Too Much Sugary And Salty Food

Do you eat a snack during the day?

Does the snack contain high sugar level?

Maybe that frappuccino you drink this morning?

I like to drink sweet beverages, especially Starbucks coffee and bubble tea. I notice that when I consume too many sugary drinks, red bumps will appear on my chin. Same goes with eating food like cake, fried food, instant noodle and dairy, my chin will break out.

Consuming food that contains too much salt is bad for your skin. Because salt can cause us to retain water, and dehydrate your skin which results in swelling. Additionally, salty food can make you look puffy in the morning. If you like to eat potato chips, please be mindful next time.

FYI, refine sugar cause insulin level to increase breaks down collagen which result in sagging skin and wrinkles. Sugar not only causing acne but also affect skin elasticity. If you want to stay younger longer better avoid consuming too much sugar.

  • Lack Of Sleep

They don’t call beauty sleep for no reason. lacking sleep cause a can really affect the way the skin look. The ideal sleeping duration is 7 hours, but when I only have 5 hours or less to sleep my skin will look tired, dehydrated or overly oily. when you do not let your body rest properly, it will reflect on your overall skin appearance.

  • Hormonal

Hormonal acne is the toughest to get rid of. To know whether it is hormonal or not, you must pay attention to whether the acne only appears only once a month or not. Because of hormonal acne caused by the fluctuations of estrogen and progesterone that happen during the menstrual cycle month. I break out on chin most of the time and usually, it is a sign that my menstrual cycle coming soon. 

  • Resting My Chin On My Hand

Do you often rest your chin on your hand without even realizing it? That can be the cause of chin acne too. Since hands are not as clean as it appears to be. The dirt and bacteria on hands can cause acne on the skin. Touching chin is the more bad habit that I do whenever I am bored or spacing out. and the urge or touching the chin acne is so hard to resist.

  • Stress

Either stressing about work or small thing. you may think you are not stressed, but unconsciously, your body reacts to the stress and sometimes it results in acne. As for me, whenever I stress out, my skin will give me a gentle reminder by creating a big zit on my face.

Things I do to Heal Chin Acne:

  • I Try to simplify my skincare routine in my chin area. For example, I will avoid applying a rich moisturizer or a sleeping mask on the chin area and use a light moisturizer instead.
  • Do not touch your acne, use an acne patch to cover your acne to avoid the urge to touch it.
  • Using a product that has BHA as an exfoliating treatment once a week.
  • Cut back on sugar and dairy intake and consume more veggies and fruits
  • Drink green tea, probiotic beverage and 8 glasses of water.
  • An applied spot treatment that has benzoyl peroxide, mandelic acid or tea tree. I talk about acne spot treatment in this post Pimple spot treatments Apply just a little, so you won’t over dried that pimple area. Sometimes spot treatment can be too dry, that’s why use it sparingly. If it is too drying, stop using it for 2 days and put light moisturizer to bring back moisture to that particular area.
  • Use clay mask to deep clean your pores.
  • Do not squeeze your acne
  • There is a short cut to immediately shrink big acne; which is by getting acne injection from the dermatologist but it is very expensive. It is not botox, I am not sure about the ingredients in it. From what I have tried before, the cost of acne injection for 10 acne spots is around Rp 300.000 – Rp 400.000 in 1 session.
  • there is also laser treatment that targeted active pimple, but from what I have tried, get the injection to reduce acne is more effective than laser. However, the doctor must be careful when injecting the acne, because there is one time the acne injection help clearing the acne, but create a tiny concave surface on my skin.

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