Pimple spot treatments

Pimple spot treatments

Nothing more annoying than wake up in the morning, getting ready for work then when you look yourself in the mirror you see a fresh new pimple starting to form. Especially if it is likely to be one of those cystic- red-painful to the touch-kind of acne. You just knew it is going to leave a tough to erased PIH. What do you usually do to prevent that annoying acne from turning into cystic acne? These are my go-to acne spot treatments, and I have tried a lot:


  1. Cosrx acne pimple master patch

This is one of my favorite acne treatments. It really helps to prevent me keep touching my acne. It is pretty effective to handle small and medium acne. It has 3 size patch, very travel-friendly. Remember to put it on dry skin, if I try to put it after my whole skincare routine (after serum and moisturizer) usually the patch will slip and slide. There is another version of CORX pimple patch that is thinner, almost invisible and suitable to wear on day time. Both work just the same on reducing blemish. The price is also so affordable at Rp 50.000.


Things I don’t like:

  • The biggest patch size cannot cover big inflamed acne
  • The small size patches is too small barely cover any acne


  1. NARUKO Tea Tree Blemish Clear Lotion Precious

I am so excited that Naruko now available in Watson Indonesia, even though they currently only provide the tea tree line. To use this, you shake the bottle then take a cotton bud to pick up the product. It calms my acne and reduced the redness within 2 days. The other way I use it is to take a small and thin layer of a cotton pad, then damp the solution on the cotton pad and put it on the acne. It does not dry out my skin and easy to clean. this cost around Rp 235.000.

I labeled the bottle but write the wrong year. it was supposed to be 2017

Things I don’t like:

  • Expired within 6 months. Tips: You should write down the opening date of the product so You will know when to throw it away.
  • The glass bottle is not really traveled friendly


  1. OXY 10

There were 2 types of OXY Acne pimple medication; OXY 5 and OXY 10. The difference is the amount of Benzoyl Peroxide in the product. I choose OXY 10 because it has higher Benzoyl Peroxide of 10%. I thought it is more likely to work faster than OXY 5 (with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide). It was a pretty generous amount of product of 25 g and the price is so affordable Rp 110.000 (around $7).

The texture is like white watery gel, you only need little to spot treatment. It was effective for me for about 4 months. It reduces pimple size significantly.

The tube packaging

Things I don’t like:

  • It can really drying your skin if applied too much and too often
  • Not loving the packaging, when you squeeze the tube, it always dispenses too much product.
  • It stops working on my skin after a while, I don’t know, maybe it is just my skin.


  1. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel For Acne

This is my new favorite spot treatment. The main ingredient is also tea tree. The texture is thick transparent gel; the tea tree smell is a bit strong. This product is so good, it calm and reduce break out within 2 days. If the acne is small, it will disappear the next day. On hormonal acne, it takes a bit longer, but it prevent it from getting inflamed. Unlike Oxy 10, this product can be dispensed inappropriate amount, not too much or too runny.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel For Acne (transparant gel) and OXY 10 (white gel) texture comparision

Things I don’t like:

  • The availability of the product. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel For Acne is sold in Austalia.


5.  The face shop  clean face clear away spot

This is that type of spot treatment that need cotton bud to dip into the container to take the pinkish substance on the bottom part of the bottle and apply directly to acne. It is similar to Mario Badescu’s drying lotion. I don’t have this product in my stash anymore. The face shop clean face clear away spot is so drying, when I applied it at night time, the next day that area of my skin will feel dry and it is a bit difficult to clean. after I washed my face, there will still be white powder hung onto my skin. I don’t think I will repurchased.


6. Clinique Acne Solution Clinical Clearing Gel

The texture is a gel and transparent. There is no annoying smell. a little goes a long way. It works pretty effectively to heal pimple and shrink blemish overnight. I love the minimalist and plastic packaging, you don’t need to worry bring this for traveling.  I used this for about 5 months, but just like Oxy 10, then it stop working on my skin after a while. You can easily find this in the Clinique counter.


Things I don’t like:

  • This is pricey, cost around Rp 406.000. the most expensive of all spot treatment I ever tried.

It seems like, my skin will turn resistant to some spot treatment products after some time. That is why my acne spot treatment keeps changing. But so far, the cosrx pimple patch works just fine and I already use it for almost a year. I think it would be best to rotate the use of these treatments. who knows some products will work again after I am not using it for months. Do you have the same experience of using a spot treatment that no longer working on your skin after a while?


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