Duvaderm Clarifying Serum

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The key ingredient list:

Encapsulated BHA (Salicylic Acid), Maclura Cochichinesis Leaf Prenylflavonoids, Collagen,Medium mw Hyaluronic Acid

Price: The 5 ml size cost Rp 158.000, The 15 ml size cost Rp 380.000and the full-size 30 ml cost Rp 680.000

Purchase on: Tokopedia, Shopee or beningbersinar.com


It is come in travel size and full-size product, in a simple clear glass bottle with pipette dropper.


Gel consistency, a little goes a long way

The application:

I put it on the serum slot or right after I do double cleansing on a dry face

Shelf Life: 12 months

The claim:

It’s a common myth that acne breakouts only happen to teenagers. Hormonal fluctuations and chronological aging create the perfect storm for producing adult acne. Clarifying serum helps to clear the pores, keep the bacteria acne away, reduce inflammation and balance the oil production on the skin. This no-frills formula is an effective daily skin treatment option to minimize acne flare-ups and clogged pores.

The third product I purchased from this brand Duvaderm. So far, I like their products a lot, especially the breakout fighter line. This time I tried their clarifying serum. I was so impressed by the acne spot that I want to purchase a serum to tackle breakout. When I ask the brand’s customer service about the difference between the acne spot and the clarifying serum, whether I should get both or acne shot is enough for me. They said the clarifying serum is more like for face maintenance that helps prevent acne from forming on the skin while the acne shot is a spot treatment for acne that already surface on the skin.   

Both products have a similar texture of the watery gel, but the Duvaderm clarifying serum is slightly thicker. Both easy to spread and absorb into the skin. It has no smell and no color at all. Does not feel sticky on the skin. Duvaderm clarifying serum can act to prevent breakout as well as to reduce the existing acne inflammation. Duvaderm clarifying serum work effective in calming potential acne. You know when you feel like a huge acne bump is about to show itself the next morning, complete with the painful feeling when you accidentally touch it. Duvaderm clarifying serum and the acne shot complement each other very well. It’s like a dynamic duo to fight acne. When I use the Duvaderm acne shot on itself it helps reduce the acne size in a bit slower phase but combine with the clarifying serum the effectiveness will be a boost.

The Duvaderm clarifying serum function reminds me of Kypriss clearing serum that I love very much (but I have not purchased it for a while now). In terms of reducing breakout, both have similar effects. I am happily replaced Kypriss with Duvaderm since it is cheaper and easier to buy. Moreover, it is a local product, OMG it is an Indonesian brand. I am so happy to see a local skincare brand that has this kind of amazing quality.

Since this serum contains BHA, I would suggest to be more careful using other BHA products in combination with this serum. I was using this 3 days in a row then on the forth day I use my Paula’s choice 2% BHA and my skin become a bit too dry and my cheeks are red on the next day. Pair it with a more hydrating serum might be a better option.

The full-size price of The Duvaderm clarifying serum is quite pricey. If you are wondering which one you should get between The Duvaderm clarifying serum or Duvaderm acne shot, you should analyze your skin need. If you are looking for a product for active acne, maybe the acne shot is better for you. But if you look for something to prevent breakout for let says during a period of time, you can opt for The Duvaderm clarifying serum. Or you can purchase both but in the travel size first to see whether it work for your skin or not.

By the way, this is one of the plus points that I like Duvaderm, they provide The Duvaderm clarifying serum in travel size so that customers can try the product first before commit to the full-size product. In fact, they have a 15 ml size at a more affordable price than the 30 ml in size. Another thing is these acne fighter products are gentle on the skin.

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